Wednesday, 29 July 2020


Hello Friends

I am back with a project for AALL & Create.  I wanted to do something a little different with stamps other than stamping and colouring, and so I created some embroidered projects.  I have not embroidered for years and really enjoyed the process.
I used three stamp sets by Tracy Evans...
I don't have too many process shots to share with you because I just got lost in the process.
I cut some calico larger than the embroidery hoop, stamped the images with Archival ink and then stitched the images with embroidery thread, using the hoop to keep the calico taut.  Once completed I removed the calico from the hoop, added a running stitch around the calico and added it back to the hoop.  As I wanted to leave each project on the hoop, I gathered the calico to the back and added a piece of card to tidy the backing.  I painted each of the outer hoops and applied these to the inner hoops.

The bee is the first one I completed.  After stamping and stitching the honeycomb, I filled the honeycomb in with watercolour pencils.  I did the same with the bee wings and gave them a touch of glitter to give them a lighter appearance.

The hare body is quite open and I was able to use long stitches to fill him in.

The final hoop is a beetle.  It took a few colours to complete the beetle and I really enjoyed creating this one.  Well, in truth, I enjoyed creating each of them, I am not the greatest embroiderer but I found it quite a relaxing task in the evenings - it only took an evening to complete each one.

You can find a list of worldwide stockists for all of the stamps I used HERE.

That's all for now, thanks so much for your visit, I hope to see you again soon.  Actually, I am back earlier next week with a very special project.....

Hugs, Anne xx


  1. Absolutely fantastic Anne!

  2. they are all amazing and so beautiful my friend, each one is truly a work of art, is there no end to your talents, hugs kath xxx

  3. the stitching is such a fantastic idea Anne. It brings the stamps to life in a beautiful, alternative way and I adore them. The look so tactile . What a fantastic idea ❤️❤️

  4. WOW! These are amazing Anne .... my favourite is the hare. Is there no end to your talents!? xx

  5. Wow! What brilliant use of these gorgeous stamps Anne. Gosh this is so clever. Who would have thought to use stamps for embroidery .. the stitching really does bring the images to life. Love it!! xx

  6. I was in the middle of reading this when I went into the house for lunch, came back out and there was a comment from you, Annie! How cool that we were on each other's blogs at the same time! Thank you for your comment.💕 Nellie is doing very well. She had to have two tiny bottom teeth in the front pulled, but it was for the best.

    It was so fun to talk to you last week! I have been waiting to see these little embroidered works of art and they are even more darling than I imagined! Is this a new trend in stamping? I think it's genius to stamp onto calico or canvas, embroider, and then frame with the hoops! It's also perfect for doing something distracting and rewarding in the evenings during the pandemic and beyond! You're amazing and so are these!! Love and hugs, Darnell xxoo

  7. love the stitching and such a cool way to stamp :)

  8. Fabulous idea and your sewing is so neat. Whilst we would have loved to have seen process photos, that doesn't matter if what you were doing was so enjoyable!! It just goes to show how versatile stamps can be and you don't just have to make a card. Elaine xx

  9. These are beautiful Anne, love them to bits. Happy creating, Angela xXx

  10. Oh my goodness, you do embroidery too - do your talents never end! These are all gorgeous! Speak to you later. Take care and stay safe my friend. Hugsxxx

  11. So great to see some of the details of how you made these amazing hoops, Anne - really beautifully done.
    Alison x

  12. I cannot even imagine the time, and what a FABULOUS idea and design Anne. These are brilliant!

  13. Anne these are absolutely fabulous! That hare looks amazing in the long stitch, and you get to keep and display them! Take care and have a very happy weekend, Sue xx

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  15. These are very beautifully made Anne. Your inventiveness and versatility are exceptional. Hope you are both well. Nicola x

  16. Oh Anne these really are adorable, what a lovely trio you now have to display. I do love hand embroidery, it's a very rewarding past time although I'm not fond of long stitch when it involves sewing larger areas. The hare looks incredible, your stitching is very uniform Anne. Beautiful makes with Tracy's beautiful stamps, i've yet to play with mine... Grrrr!! :))
    Sorry i'm late getting over to you, spent the weekend clearing out the playhouse as we managed to get an available slot for the recycle centre, i'd planned to do all my blog catch up on Sunday until Freya had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting so been monitoring her. Vet consultation via phone and a check up today, she's doing much better now and the swelling has finally gone down on her nose and eyes.. poor girl. So glad to see a Bee and not a wasp on this post Anne. Hugs Tracey xx

  17. Anne, I love these! You really brought another dimension to Tracy's stamps. So beautifully done. Simple and elegant.
    As another person commented here- its nice to create something that you can keep and enjoy all the time.
    Do you call all material "calico"- I notice Tracy Evans uses that word with her little pieces of fabric, or material- as we say in the states. Of course there is linen, silk, cotton etc.. SO- is calico a type of fabric or a name you use for fabric?
    Thank you.
    I just love your artwork!

  18. Hi Susan, thank you again! I thought it best to look up the definition of calico, it is much better than I could describe:

    Calico (/ˈkælɪkoʊ/; in British usage since 1505) is a plain-woven textile made from unbleached and often not fully processed cotton. It may contain unseparated husk parts, for example. The fabric is far less fine than muslin, but less coarse and thick than canvas or denim.

    I hope that helps! Hugs xxx


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