Tuesday 19 January 2021

Stamperia - Belinda Basson Design Team - Project 1

 Hello Friends

  I am very excited as today is my first post as a member of Belinda Basson's Design Team for Stamperia! 

For those of you who follow Stamperia, you will know that my hugely talented blog friend and artist, Belinda has brought out her very own range for Stamperia, called Lady Vagabond and this coordinates beautifully with the Sir Vagabond release by Antonis Tzanidakis.  I see it as a love story between Lady Vagabond and Sir Vagabond and this little video explains the beginning of their lovely story.....

For my first project I have (re)created Lady Vagabond's telescope along with a box to keep her telescope safe whilst she is travelling...

First, I constructed the box.  I cut the pieces from black mountboard.

For those interested in the sizing of the box, this is as follows:
1) For the bottom of the box, cut mountboard pieces:  
    Base 9.1/2" x 3".  
    Cut two sides 9.1/2" x 1.3/4" and 
    Cut two end pieces 3" x 1.3/4" 

2) For the lid of the box, cut mountboard pieces:
    Top 9.1/2 " x 3"
    Cut two sides 9.1/2" x 1.1/4" and
    Cut two end pieces 3" x 1.1/4"

My box was quite a snug fit for the telescope so I added an extra 1/4" to the long measurements above, just in case you want to make one. 

Join and glue all the elements together and cover with Lady Vagabond paper of your choice.  I painted the inside of the box with Stamperia Glamour Paste in Gold, it gives a lovely sheen to the box.  I wanted the telescope to have a 3D appearance and so I added a 'shelf' inside the box to raise the telescope up and I set the telescope at a slight angle to give it a more rounded look.

I prepped the telescope, the wheel and the lock (all created with Stamperia's Extra Light Soft Clay and Belinda's Maxi Mould K3PTA484 (telescope and lock) and K3PTA487 (ship's wheel).  I used Stamperia's Black Primer to give them a good base.
I created some faux leather using Kraft paper and Distress Stain, cut this to size and mounted it onto the telescope (Belinda added some real leather to one of her projects and I loved the look).  I used Stamperia Cerantica Wax over the gessoed items, using my finger and a small paint brush and then buffed the items up with a soft cloth, before attaching them to my prepared box.
Here is a view of the outside of the finished box.  I did add a set of hinges to the back of the box after I covered the box with papers.
Finally, I added a chipboard sentiment to the inside of the box, which says 'Leave the road, take the trails'.
I had great fun making this project and am already looking forward to creating the next one, below is a picture of all of the Stamperia products I used to create my box.
Belinda Basson/Stamperia/Lady Vagabond 12 x 12 paper pack
Belinda Basson Maxi Mould  K3PTA484 (telescope and lock)
Belinda Basson Maxi Mould K3PTA487 (ship's wheel)
Stamperia Extra Light Soft Clay - white
 Stamperia Glamour Paste - K3P61B Gold
Stamperia Cerantica - K3P15G Metallic Gold (Antique Wax)
Stamperia Primer Spray Black (similar to gesso)

I hope it will not be such a long time before I post again, my mojo went on walk about over Christmas and New Year but it is slowly coming back.... I think!

Thanks so much for your visit and I hope to see you again soon.

Stay safe and keep well.  Hugs, Anne xxx

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