Tuesday 8 February 2022

Lady Vagabond Birthday Card Album - Belinda Basson DT

 Hello Friends

Being the world's worst at remembering birthdays, I have created a birthday card album where I can store a whole year's birthday cards in one place, for my Belinda Basson Design Team project for Stamperia this month.

I used the wonderful papers and moulds from the Lady Vagabond Lifestyle release by Belinda Basson for Stamperia.

The finished card album measures 8" x 8" x 4 inches.  This gave me enough room to attach six double sided pockets that I spaced 1/2" apart.

As you can see below I added moulds to the front and side of the album but kept the back plain so that it will sit flat.
To create the album cover I used some foam board that I had in my stash, cutting three pieces - two 8" x 8" and the spine 4" x 8".  I used the standard album making technique for binding the cover using construction tape which is also applied around all the edges to give a neat finish.
The pocket pages inside were created in strong black card but I am showing them here in white so that the measurements can be seen more clearly.  Each of the six pages consists of taking a 15.1/2" x 10.3/4", folding it in half lengthwise at 7.3/4" and then folding the whole of the bottom piece up at 3.1/2".  Score each of the folds well.  Fold the bottom flap up and then fold the piece so that the pockets are on the outsides.

Glue the very edges of flaps in place once they have been folded, to create your pockets.  Glue the bottom half of each of the folded pages with a thin layer of glue.  Leave the sides and top free.
To create the spine to hold each of the pages, take a piece of card 11.1/2" x 6.1/2" and score at 1.1/2", 2", 2.1/2" and each half inch, making your final score at 10".  This leaves a 1.1/2" on either side.

To fold up, start with a valley fold at 1.1/2" (as indicated by the broken line below) and fold a mountain fold at 2" (as indicated in red below).  Since we want a gap between each of the spines, the next valley fold will be at 2.1/2" and then again 3".  Continue to the end and you should have 6 spine edges.    
Score all the folds well and glue each of the spine areas together with double sided tape or strong glue.  This forms the spine for your album.  Add glue to the bottom of the spine and fix in place in your album, ready for the pages to be added.

Take one page with the pockets to the bottom and glue one to each of the spines, straddling the spine, applying glue to each side of the spine.  This ensures that the spines are hidden and the pages will lie beautifully.
Now for the fun part!
Decorate the covers, inside and out and each of the pockets with your favourite papers.  I used papers from the Lady Vagabond Lifestyle range and added die cut pieces of ephemera to some of the page bottoms.  I added a month to the top of each page. 
You can see a further selection of pages below.
I turned my attention to the moulds and decided to use the ship door mould and the anchor mould.  I used quick drying resin to cast my pieces and then used a selection of Allegro paints (listed at the end of the post) to colour them.
Here is a close up of the door, I just love how it turned out!
I then made a selection of Lady Vagabond cards to put in my album.  I used papers left over from covering the album along with various Lady V die cuts for the set of cards below.
The three cards below were created using the two new Lady Vagabond Lifestyle stamp sets (details are listed below).

Thanks very much for your visit, I hope to see you again soon.

Crafty hugs,  Anne xx

Stamperia Products Used:

Stamperia Lady Vagabond Lifestyle B/G Papers 12" x 12"  SBBL100
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Lifestyle Papers 8" x 8" SBBS49
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Lifestyle 6" x 6" Papers SBBXS10
Lady Vagabond Lifestyle Mould - KT3PTA4517
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Lifestyle Die Cuts DFLDC52
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Stamp Set WTKCC206
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Stamp Set WTKCC208
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Old Ivory KAL50
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Brick Red KAL20
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Earth Brown KAL40
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Prussian Blue KAL96
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Grey KAL73
Stamperia Transparent Crackle Paste K3P50
Stamperia Mixed Media Glue DC28M 

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