Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Belinda Basson DT - Stamperia - Piano Hinge Album

 Hello Friends

My Design Team project for Belinda Basson this month is a Piano Hinge Album using Belinda's gorgeous Lady Vagabond papers by Stamperia.  I have wanted to make this type of album for ages and it was surprisingly easy to do!  I found a really useful short YouTube video which explains the process very simply and gives measurements so that you can very easily have a go yourself. 

 I used my own measurements on my album to suit the size that I wanted.  The notches are cut at one inch intervals.
I created four 'signatures' for my album, from heavy Kraft cardstock as I wanted the front and back page to be heavy enough for my covers.
Once I added the design papers to the front and back cover they were a really good weight.  I used a combination of papers, die cuts, chipboard shapes and crackle paste to add some texture and age to the covers.
This is one of my favourite pages, using a mix of Lady Vagabond papers and chipboard elements.  In some of the pages I created secret pockets to store tags or ephemera in.
For the next set of pages I used papers which I decoupaged, along with some chipboard pieces.  I am in love with Belinda's fabulous airship!
Again, I used Lady Vagabond papers and chipboard.  I also created a deep pocket and added some Stamperia metal cogs, crackle paste and inks to add some texture.
The final pages were covered with more Lady Vagabond papers, chipboard and the luggage is decoupaged up.  I added a Kraft envelope to keep those little bits and pieces safe.
If you do watch the video you will see that the designer created a box to hold his album and I liked the idea, so I created one too.
I constructed the box from black card using the following template I created, it fits the size of album that I made.  I simply covered the box with Lady Vagabond papers, aged with inks and crackle paste and added a metal plate from my stash along with a chipboard piece.
To finish off the album I created a charm using bits and pieces from my stash, adding a little map element (Lady V papers) to the bottle.  
The album fits inside the box (allowing for some expansion) and showcases the piano hinging beautifully.  I finished the ends off with some colour coordinated string, knotting and gluing the edges.  You don't need to glue the ends, you may want to add some extra pages to the album.  My pages are quite thick and I didn't want to crowd the box.
I cannot stress enough just how easy it is to make a piano hinge album and it is just something a bit different.

Thanks so much for your visit and please excuse me if I do not get fully back to social media for a little while yet, I am taking each day as it comes at the moment.

Hugs, Anne xxx

The Stamperia products I used in this project are:

Stamperia Lady Vagabond 8 x 8 paper pad
Stamperia Wooden Shapes - Lady Vagabond
Stamperia Chipboard - Lady Vagabond
Stamperia Crackle Paste - Transparent
Stamperia Scrapbooking Accessories - Metal Cogs

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Home Sweet Home....

Hello Friends 

Firstly, I apologise for being missing for so long.  Unfortunately I spent nearly a month in hospital (not Covid related) and have only recently come home, still not 100% well, but I am taking lots of time to slowly recuperate.  I want to say a huge thank you to all those who missed me, messaged me, sent me cards and flowers and most of all to those very special friends who supported me through a difficult and worrying time.

Before being whisked away, I followed a Youtube tutorial by one of my hugely talented Stamperia team mates - Shamela Hendricks.  Shamela made a larger exploding house album and box but I didn't have enough of the gorgeous House of Roses papers .... and so I made a half sized album and exploding house shaped box.

This is a view of the front of the 'closed' album cover.  

Here it is 'exploded'.  My dinky album version measures 4.1/4" x 4.1/4" (album) and the house measures 4.1/2" by 6" maximum.  I modified my house to include four sides,  whereas Shamela's house has three sides, using the album itself as the fourth side.
My favourite set of pages includes a waterfall section.  I really enjoy making interactive elements to my albums.  I also created pockets in all of the pages, to store little tags or bits and pieces.
Here are a few more of the pages using the beautiful Stamperia House of Roses papers.  I added some Stamperia House of Roses chipboard, along with ephemera and die cuts from my stash.
Here is a view of the outside of the little album, using Stamperia House of Roses ephemera pieces.

I loved making this project.  Shamela is a great teacher, she takes time to explain everything well.  I hope you might find time to check out her video, if only to see her completed project, it is incredible.

Thanks so much for your visit, I am so happy to be 'back' and I will slowly be getting back into social media and look forward to visiting all my friends soon.  Please bear with me!

Hugs, Anne xxx

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Belinda Basson DT - Stamperia - Music Box

Hello Friends

Welcome to my blog.  Today I am sharing my second Stamperia blog post as part of Belinda Basson's Design Team.  If you are a follower of Stamperia on social media you will have seen some of the absolutely incredible projects that my team mates have been sharing there.

For my project this month I created a rotating music box.

The glare from the dome makes it difficult to see properly so here is a view without the dome:

And so you can see the movement, I did a little video...  I had all kinds of problems trying to load it up so I hope it works!

To start, I created Lady Vagabond and the suitcase from quick setting resin, using Belinda's Stamperia Mould and then painted her using Stamperia Allegro paints. 
Since Lady V was going to rotate on the music box, I decided she needed to be 3 dimensional, so I applied some Stamperia Extra Light soft clay to the back of the moulded Lady V and painted it.  It did not need to be a 'perfect' back as she was going to stand in front of a stained glass window.  Once the paint was dry I applied a thin coat of Stamperia Fluid Gloss Medium to give a slight sheen to Lady V and her suitcase. 
I turned my attention to the rotating base part (a purchased deconstructed mechanism that has been in my stash for a while).  I used some of Belinda's Stamperia Rice Paper (White Flowers) and used Glossy Gel to adhere it to the bottom twist part of the mechanism.
Next, I applied some of the Lady V design paper to the upper part of the mechanism and gave it two coats of Stamperia Transparent Crackle Paste, it dries clear and gives THE most wonderful crackles.  I added some design paper to the rotating base part along with a 'message in a bottle' and a binocular charm.  I added a small handle to the suitcase.  The suitcase is part of Lady Vagabond mould, I created it with Stamperia Extra Light Soft Clay and just cut it away from the larger luggage piece, sandwiching two pieces back to back to give it a 3D appearance.
I created a 'stained glass window' using two Tim Holtz die cuts (a  gift from my dear friend Kath) with some alcohol inked acetate sandwiched in the middle.  The window fitted perfectly on the base and looks gorgeous when the sun shines.

Of course I had to add Belinda's famous cat (the Supervisor) from Belinda's die cut chipboard range to complete the base of the music box.  I added labels to each side of the music box, the London word is cut from design paper and the other is a chipboard piece which says 'there is in all artists a little of the vagabond'.
A final view :

I had great fun and absolutely loved making this project and play it at least once a day - I think David is resigned to hearing it now - lol !
I added a list below of the Stamperia products I used, they are widely available around the world.  I have added some UK links to shops that sell a variety of Stamperia products.

Thanks so much for your visit, I really appreciate it.

Keep safe and well.

Hugs, Anne xxx

Stamperia Products Used:

Stamperia Lady Vagabond 8 x 8 paper pad
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Rice Paper - White Flowers (A3)
Stamperia Allegro Paint (various colours)
Lady Vagabond Mould - K3PTA487
Lady Vagabond chipboard die cuts
Stamperia Extra Light Soft Clay
Stamperia Transparent Crackle Paste (K3P37)
Stamperia Fluid Gloss

UK Stockists of Stamperia Products:

Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Stamperia - Belinda Basson Design Team - Project 1

 Hello Friends

  I am very excited as today is my first post as a member of Belinda Basson's Design Team for Stamperia! 

For those of you who follow Stamperia, you will know that my hugely talented blog friend and artist, Belinda has brought out her very own range for Stamperia, called Lady Vagabond and this coordinates beautifully with the Sir Vagabond release by Antonis Tzanidakis.  I see it as a love story between Lady Vagabond and Sir Vagabond and this little video explains the beginning of their lovely story.....

For my first project I have (re)created Lady Vagabond's telescope along with a box to keep her telescope safe whilst she is travelling...

First, I constructed the box.  I cut the pieces from black mountboard.

For those interested in the sizing of the box, this is as follows:
1) For the bottom of the box, cut mountboard pieces:  
    Base 9.1/2" x 3".  
    Cut two sides 9.1/2" x 1.3/4" and 
    Cut two end pieces 3" x 1.3/4" 

2) For the lid of the box, cut mountboard pieces:
    Top 9.1/2 " x 3"
    Cut two sides 9.1/2" x 1.1/4" and
    Cut two end pieces 3" x 1.1/4"

My box was quite a snug fit for the telescope so I added an extra 1/4" to the long measurements above, just in case you want to make one. 

Join and glue all the elements together and cover with Lady Vagabond paper of your choice.  I painted the inside of the box with Stamperia Glamour Paste in Gold, it gives a lovely sheen to the box.  I wanted the telescope to have a 3D appearance and so I added a 'shelf' inside the box to raise the telescope up and I set the telescope at a slight angle to give it a more rounded look.

I prepped the telescope, the wheel and the lock (all created with Stamperia's Extra Light Soft Clay and Belinda's Maxi Mould K3PTA484 (telescope and lock) and K3PTA487 (ship's wheel).  I used Stamperia's Black Primer to give them a good base.
I created some faux leather using Kraft paper and Distress Stain, cut this to size and mounted it onto the telescope (Belinda added some real leather to one of her projects and I loved the look).  I used Stamperia Cerantica Wax over the gessoed items, using my finger and a small paint brush and then buffed the items up with a soft cloth, before attaching them to my prepared box.
Here is a view of the outside of the finished box.  I did add a set of hinges to the back of the box after I covered the box with papers.
Finally, I added a chipboard sentiment to the inside of the box, which says 'Leave the road, take the trails'.
I had great fun making this project and am already looking forward to creating the next one, below is a picture of all of the Stamperia products I used to create my box.
Belinda Basson/Stamperia/Lady Vagabond 12 x 12 paper pack
Belinda Basson Maxi Mould  K3PTA484 (telescope and lock)
Belinda Basson Maxi Mould K3PTA487 (ship's wheel)
Stamperia Extra Light Soft Clay - white
 Stamperia Glamour Paste - K3P61B Gold
Stamperia Cerantica - K3P15G Metallic Gold (Antique Wax)
Stamperia Primer Spray Black (similar to gesso)

I hope it will not be such a long time before I post again, my mojo went on walk about over Christmas and New Year but it is slowly coming back.... I think!

Thanks so much for your visit and I hope to see you again soon.

Stay safe and keep well.  Hugs, Anne xxx

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Eileen Hull Team Round Up 2020

 Hello Friends

Eileen Hull's Educators Team (along with her Inspiration Team) are sharing their favourite projects for 2020, using Eileen's dies.  As many of you know, I love making journals and my three favourites, as part of the Educators Team are all journals (no surprises there then!).

Here they are in a little more detail and I have added links to the original blog posts if you would like to see more:

Favourite #1 is a notebook created using Eileen's Notebook die.  The original post is HERE
I love how the monocle falls over the eye - well, small details please me...

It was a difficult choice to put my 'Arthur' journal second place so I think I may have to have two #1's.  You can see the original post HERE.  I used Eileen's early Journal Die to create my Halloween journal.

My third and final choice is my Honeybee notebook that uses Eileen's Notebook die.  I have used this die many times this year!  You can see the original post HERE.

I have had the pleasure of being part of Eileen Hull's team since early 2014, and was lucky enough to meet her in person and work alongside her at Creativation in 2018!  I love and regularly use many of her dies and am looking forward to seeing what delights she will tempt us with in 2021!

There is plenty of inspiration by other members of both teams on Eileen's website HERE, during the month of December.  I hope you will take a look if you have some free time over the festive period.

Just in case I don't get back before the big day, I wish you a very happy holiday season and a sincere hope that 2021 will look a lot different to the challenging year we are currently experiencing.

Take care and keep safe and well.

Hugs, Anne xxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Christmas Cards 2020

 Hello Friends

I have been a bit quiet of late, mainly because I have been making, writing and sending out Christmas cards.  I thought I would share a few of them, no detail, just a few pictures.

The skates come out every year, I think the die must be 6 or 7 years old by now!  

This year I added the strolling couple, the trees and the holly and mistletoe dies to my growing collection.

The origami tree was created with Tim's Christmas paper pad, the presents in the sleigh is another new die, and the bold sentiments are one of Tim's new bold sentiments stamp set.

And finally, the snowflakes are another of Tim's new Christmas dies, I think this is one of my favourite snowflake dies ever, I just love how it layers up.  The snowflake backgrounds (another new die) is topped with an older snowflake die of Tim's and the Christmas Greetings card is simply stamped with one of Tim's holly stamps (Yuletide Gatherings).

Just in case I am not back before the big day, I am sending you all my warmest wishes for a very Happy (and safe) Christmas.

Thanks so much for your visit, they are always appreciated.

Keep safe and well.

Hugs, Anne xxx

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Vintage Phone Box for Christmas

 Hello Friends

This is just a really quick post to share a Christmas dome I created using Tim Holtz's new Paper Village die (Sizzix 664741) to create a British Vintage Phone Box.  I have had this in mind since I first got the die a few weeks ago.

It was, however, a devil to photograph!

You can see the content a little more clearly below.  I added some of Tim's Woodland Trees along with texture paste for the snow, topped with Clear Rock Candy Distress Glitter to add some sparkle.  The edge of the dome was wrapped with Tim's new fabric tape and velvet ribbon, along with an Ideaology metal tag.
To make the phone box I simply added a rounded roof to the tall house in the paper village.  The window die gave the perfect phone box look.  I even crafted a small 'telephone' to go on the back wall of the box.  I painted the phone box red and dirtied it up a little to give it an 'old' look.  There are a few real life ones here and there our area and they are in a pretty sorry state (sadly).

 To finish off the top I used some of Tim's Greenery dies and I created a couple of pinecones following Tim's instructions in last weekend's Facebook Live.  You can see a replay HERE.  I added a few berries and glossed them up with Glossy Accents.
And finally - of course it had to light up!  I used a single battery operated tea light behind the phone box to give it a little festive 'glow'.
I am so enjoying making these festive creations.... I wonder if there will be any more, now that I have my Christmas cards made..... ?

Thanks so much for your visit, I truly appreciate it.

Keep safe and well.

Hugs, Anne xxx

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