Saturday, 1 February 2020

Masculine/industrial for Mini Album Makers

Hello Friends

The first day of the month means that we have a new challenge starting over at Mini Album Makers and I have gone Masculine/Industrial, creating a mini sketchbook using my newfound skill of Coptic binding and adding some industrial covers to give a masculine feel to the book.

I have watched quite a few videos on the Coptic binding technique but my favourite tutorial, which shows the process very simply, can be found HERE by Sea Lemon.  I will admit, it does take a bit of practice but once mastered, it allows the sketchbook to lie flat, making sketching and painting so much easier.  I have not repeated the process here as Sea Lemon explains it so much better than I could ever do!
The difference between her book and mine is that I created a set of five bindings spaced 1" apart across the whole edge and I used 7 signatures (you could add lots more to create a thicker book).  However, I do suggest using a small number of signatures until you really get the hang of it.
The photo above shows how beautifully the Coptic bound book lies flat, perfect for a sketch or watercolour book.  My finished book measures 6" x 4" and for each signature I folded paper sized 8" x 6", one paper for each signature.
For the covers I cut 300gsm cardstock to just over 6" x 4", one for the front and one for the back cover, as I wanted to cover up the binding on the front and back.  I used Tim Holtz's 3D embossing folder (Mechanics) and embossed each of the covers.

I took silver gilding wax (Pebeo) and used my finger to lightly coat each of the covers and then used a soft cloth to buff over each cover.  I just love the industrial look this creates.
To decorate the cover I die cut Tim Holtz's Bigz die -  Steampunk Parts and pieced it together before applying gilding was again to the pieces, silver for the outer edge and gold for the 'propeller' to make it stand out a little more.

Below is a close-up.
Another view of the completed sketchbook.
We hope you can join in the fun at Mini Album Makers this month, it would be lovely
 to see you there.

This will be my last month with Mini Album Makers, I have taken the difficult decision to
step down from the team.  I would like to thank Autumn for giving me the opportunity to be on the team and my lovely teamies who I have enjoyed working alongside.

Thanks so much for your visit, I hope to see you again soon.

Hugs, Anne xx


  1. I love it so much, it's great!!!

  2. WOW! This looks fab ..... and so realistic. The detail from the 3D embossing folder is amazing xx

  3. Fabulous Anne, would also make a great card too. Love it! Axx

  4. Stunning metallic covers - that gilding wax really did the trick for highlighting the texture perfectly for an incredibly realistic look. Love the cool die-cuts too. The Coptic stitching is so elegant - funnily enough I have that exact Sea Lemon video saved in my "How to" folder on youtube. Just need to put it in action one day. Thanks for the nudge!
    Alison x

  5. Gorgeous book cover Anne, love it to bits. Happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

  6. I really appreciate you sharing that link, Coptic bonding is something I’ve wanted to try forever, and a good tutorial is exactly what I need! Your albums will be missed, I always love your shared ideas any tips and especially the inspiring beauty that you create! Best wishes!

  7. This is an amazing sketchbook. And I love tutorials by Sea Lemon. As you said she explains quite well. The embossed front cover is fabulous. Love the wax giving it a metallic look. So sad that you will be leaving the team. Best wishes. Hugs

  8. Wow!! This is simply amazing Anne! Your cover is so realistic .. one would swear it really is made from metal pieces. Love it!! Coptic stitching can be quite tricky. A friend of mine taught me to do it a few years ago but I would have to have a refresher course now if I wanted to do it again. I do love the way it looks and you just may have inspired me to do just that. hugs xx

  9. Your album is fantastic Anne x beautiful embossed covers and the wax really highlights the details x The Steampunk parts look amazing too xx Your beautiful albums will be sorely missed at MAM xx

    Huge hugs my friend xx

  10. Absolutely stunning Anne! This combo was just made for each other and you have created the perfect look! I love your design and the brushed metal effect. Really striking!

  11. Wow Anne, this is amazing! This embossing folder is so realistic, especially with the gilding wax. The binding looks fab, it's so useful that it lies flat. I must admit I do like to be able to take the pages out of journals. I will miss seeing your lovely albums, but I hope you enjoy more 'me' time. Have a wonderful week. Sue xx

  12. Stunning artwork!!! You really did a wonderful job!!

  13. SO gorgeous Anne - what depth you achieved with that embossing folder - unbelievable! Love the die cut gears you added and your beautiful binding of the pages - I must sit down some day and try it! Julia xx

  14. Oh, my, they are definitely going to miss you, Annie! And you have definitely gone out with a bang! It is impossible to believe that you have not used metal to create the cover to this stunning sketch book. And well done on the binding! I sure hope you are allowed to (and have) submitted this to publications ~ the world deserves to see it!! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  15. Wonderful texture and believable industrial 'metal' cover for your perfectly bound sketchbook, Anne! Love this to bits, and is most certainly a favorite for me! I know they are going to miss you at MAM's -- you always have the best tutorials and albums! Sending big hugs and apologies for not visiting. The big bad bug has gotten me, and not much energy to do much at all but the required. But I am on the mend, I think.

  16. Oh my... Anne, now this is my new favourite favourite. From front cover construction to the time spent giving us not only the link to coptic binding which I put my hands up and say is not an easy task. I've tried with thin and thick waxed thread and mine never comes out straight. Such a professional piece of art, if I saw this in a shop i'd jump at the chance to purchase it. I LOVE it.. can I just sit here and enjoy this a little longer.. I'll be on my best behaviour :)) Hugs Tracey xx
    You'll be missed at MAM x

  17. Too many amazing details to name them all! I adore this book. I can't believe it is just black cardstock with gilding?! The tone is perfect!

    (I want you to know I often visit your site from my phone and for some reason I can't leave a comment...hugs!)

  18. LOVE this and so fabulous! It's masculine and yummy!!!

  19. Anne, thankyou so much for your visit to my blog , and your loving words, it made me happy reading. Your own cover , oh my,- it is gorgeous, so real metallic looking and a wonderful art work. Thank you also for the link, I will surely use it, :-) Sending you hugs - xx Dorthe


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