Wednesday 16 March 2016

Paloma - Dove of Peace

Hello Friends

I am back, temporarily (sorry to say, we still have the horrible virus)  to share with you the next stop in Paloma's worldwide adventures.  For those who do not know Paloma, she was created by the lovely Lys of Impression Scrap.  After the horrid and tragic events in France last year, Lys created Paloma so that she could travel around the world and spread the message of peace.  This is what Lys had to say:

"After the shock, anger, nausea... what to say, what to do?
I have only the weapons made of paper and words....
I can face violence only with my value and beliefs.
Freedom and peace are the ones I wished to give today.
My little dove of simple paper
For her I make a wish: could she take flight,
And give all around the world her freedom and peace message"

Paloma came to me after visiting Sandy of Simply Sandy in the USA.  Previously she had visited two other special ladies, Sara Emily of Sarascloset and prior to that, Alison of Words and Pictures.

Lys asked us to photograph Paloma in a place that represents peace and freedom to us.  I showed you, a while back, some photographs of a shrine, up in the hills of the Peak District National Park, near where we live.  Whilst not religious myself, the shrine is so beautiful, it is always full of flowers and I always feel a certain calm when I visit it.  So here is Paloma, visiting the shrine on a really beautiful sunny, wintry day last week. 

First of all, a close up.
 View a little further away
A view of the whole shrine.
We had a bit of snow that day too, people had been sledging down the hill

Paloma is off on her travels again, taking her message of peace to another country, far away.  I will not spoil it by telling you who she has gone to, but she carries with her a little passport of her visits and a little gift for the next recipient. I hope you have a peaceful journey Paloma!

Thanks for your visit, I hope you are well.

Hugs, Anne xx

If anyone is interested in learning more about the shrine, my lovely friend Nicola (Paper Provision) did some research on it and you can find it here, thank you Nicola!:


  1. Oh, I'm so glad Paloma came to visit you, Annie, and you took her to the beautiful shrine! It was the perfect spot for her on a crisp and clear wintry day! This is a wonderful way spread the message of peace throughout the world. Blessings to Lys and all who participate! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  2. I'm so happy to see Paloma in such a thoughtful and peaceful place. No doubt she can gain strength and serenity here, before taking flight again. Thanks so much, Anne, and take care!

  3. That is such a beautiful blog post Anne. You have done the whole thing such justice.
    Hope you are both feeling better soon
    Love Lynn xx

  4. What beautiful photos and a lovely way to spread the message of peace.
    I hope you are soon free of the nasty bug - there seems to have been so much of it about this year.
    Toni xx

  5. Oh wow Anne, what a stunning setting for Paloma! Fantastic pictures too, the snow gives it that extra bit of peace and serenity.... what a super idea to take her there! Now I can't wait to see where else she is headed (I am secretly hoping she will make it to my place soon too).
    Sending big hugs and hoping that virus will finally go away, - it's been such a long time.....

  6. What a beautiful place to take Paloma. The peace and tranquillity of the Peaks is a joy and it's a blessing to live on the doorstep. Sending you continued huge hugs for a recovery soon. Jenny x

  7. WOW! What a gorgeous place ..... fab photos too. Hope you feel better soon 😊 xx

  8. A wonderful place for you to take Paloma to spread the message of 'peace' , Anne . Great photos . Sorry you are still suffering - sending big gentle hugs and healing vibes . Take care x

  9. Wow Anne, it looks like Paloma has had a wonderful visit with you. I sure hope you get to feeling better, spring is bursting out and I hope you get to be able to enjoy every minute of it. hugs :)

  10. What a lovely idea x looks like Paloma is having a wonderful time sharing her wish for Peace with everyone Anne x gorgeous photographs too x hope you feel better soon x hugs Annie x

  11. I was wondering where Paloma was! What a lovely place for you to photograph her with the beautiful snowy hills. I remember your posting about it before. I'm so sorry to hear you are still feeling poorly Anne - I hope that nasty bug leaves your home soon!!! Julia xx

  12. What a beautiful idea to send a paper bird of peace around the world to spread the message and leave some love.
    The shrine you took her to is very lovely. What a fine hill to sled down, I bet everyone had lots of fun. We've not had enough snow (again), to partake :) Maybe next Winter, lol.
    I'm so sorry to hear that you and hubs are still unwell; I do hope the pesky virus goes away very soon. {{Hugs}} xoxox

  13. What a fabulous idea and a great place to take Paloma. I love that there are fresh flowers then hills covered with snow. Hope you start feeling better soon. Elaine xx

  14. wonderful pictures Anne - and what a fabulous shrine - beautiful and perfect place for Paloma to rest!!! Hugs lovely lady xx

  15. A perfect setting for Paloma, Anne! I am also drawn to shrines, for their aura, so to speak...this looks like a beautiful one. Thank you for the link to the history, also! xxx Lynn

  16. Very interesting and beautiful! I can see why you would feel calm there...high up, gorgeous scenery, and beautiful sights...closer to God.

  17. Sorry to hear you are still struggling with this virus Anne, but here is hoping on your day out with Paloma you managed to blow some bugs away. Great photos.
    Hugs, Julie x

  18. Oh, Anne, I hope you get to feeling better, dear! What beautiful pictures and awesome shrine! Get well soon, Anne! Big hugs! Branka xxx

  19. You chose the perfect place for Paloma to alight, bright, peaceful and full of serenity, I am sure she is flying again with extra strength. I hope you too gain that extra strength to shrug off that awful virus, it really is hanging around.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  20. A beautiful setting for Paloma Anne, especially idyllic with the gorgeous snow coating. Wishing her bin voyage and sending you warm healing hugs that you can shake the awful dose very very soon. Nicola x

  21. Paloma sure is well traveled and spreading the word while spreading her wings. What a wonderful journey she has had so far and many more to come. That shrine was the perfect spot for her to rest a bit. I so hope you are feeling better dearie. I am sending peaceful thoughts for Paloma and healing wishes for you. Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  22. Ahhhh that was the sweetest thing to see. I just have a feeling Paloma loved visiting the shrine. I don't now a lot about shrines but seeing Paloma there just looked perfect. I have so loved watching her travels. Smiling and feeling peaceful. Thanks bunches for sharing Anne. XXj.

  23. Paloma is spreading the love that so many need and bringing peace! You have placed her in a wonderful surrounding! Hope you get to feeling better quickly. Trying to catch up a bit with blogging! Crazy times here! Hugs!

  24. Dear Anne, this is a fabulous post, and I'm so happy to see the place that brings to mind peace for you! I can't wait to see where Paloma finds peace and freedom next. Hugs!

  25. How lovely to see Paloma in such a serene and beautiful place. The sunshine, snow and blue skies are heavenly too... wonderful photos.
    Alison x

  26. What a gorgeous idea, to send a bird of peace around the world... so lovely!! xx

  27. Hi Anne! Taking the time to do a bit of catching-up with Paloma's adventures at last.. :)
    What a great post and beautiful photos inside this shrine.
    I'm thrilled to see that we have each welcomed Paloma, to spread her wonderful peace message... Also sharing this both of us with some other very kind ladies, among them some crafty friends we have in common too I guess.
    When you'll have time to hop over at my blog, you should be able to read her last trip in France with me and my family too if you want!
    Hugs, Coco xx


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