Saturday, 15 June 2013

A Chunky ATC for Our Creative Corner

Hello Friends

Welcome to my latest followers, thanks so much for joining me on my creative journey.

This is my second Design Team post for Our Creative Corner.  I would be most grateful if you could pop over there and see what my talented team mates have made and if you have time, please leave a comment.  It would be even better if you joined in the challenge for this month.  The lovely Jenny (Buttons) has challenged us with a recipe where we had to choose one or more items from each of the following lists:

List A
List B
List C

For my piece I chose Lace/Metal/Wood/Paints and this is what I created, one of my favourite things - a chunky ATC (click on the photos for a closer view):

I used a wood block (salvaged from our recent building works) which measures the same size as an ATC but is 1.1/2" deep.  The base block was painted with black soot distress paint.  The block was then decorated with Prima Papers (Engraver).  I used an Eiffel Tower die cut on the front along with some Tim Holtz rub-ons (front and side) and Chit Chat words which I edged with black marker pen.

On the back I used a Wendy Vecchi Blossom Bucket Butterfly, a Tim Holtz Idea-ology key and another run-on.  On the side is a Spellbinder Fleur-de-Lis die cut.  The feet are wooden beads which are painted with black soot distress paint.  I added two rows of lace along he bottom, one in black and one in cream.  The knob on the top is a crystal knob by 7 Gypsies.

I need to apologise to those of you that I follow regularly.  It has been a very difficult week with a long awaited day at the hospital, a bit of a silly accident and DH is in hospital today for a little operation and some tests, so my commenting has been a bit erratic but hopefully things will get back to normal soon.

I hope you like my chunky ATC and that you will go over and visit Our Creative Corner.  Big hugs, Anne xx


  1. Love how you've created this beautiful block Anne. So much care and attention to detail means it looks superb from every angle.
    Hope all goes well for David and that you take care of yourself too. Please don't overdo it. Hugs to you both. Jenny x

  2. Absolutely Fabulous Anne. But that's what you always do anyway. I will certainly pop over and visit the other creations too. Hope all goes well with both of you and Take Care of Each other. Hugs Rita xxx

  3. Beautiful - love the colours and design. Hope all's well with you and your family!

  4. This is wonderful, so crisp and striking. So sorry you are having a difficult time,

    Lucy x

  5. Oh Anne , so sorry to hear you have had and are having such a difficult time...take care sending much love
    xx hugs trace x
    oh gorgeous make the way , love the top too xx

  6. How clever to use a repurposed wood block. Love what you've done with it, Anne.

  7. oh wow Anne this is amazing your so clever in the things you create lots of huggles hun Sue xxx

  8. I love your chunky ATCs, and this one is a brilliant example... strong stamping against those honeyed tones, and a delicious feminine touch from that lace - wonderful!
    Alison x

  9. Oh, and sorry to hear about your week... hope things are settling down now.

  10. Hello Anne
    So sorry to read your news. Sending positive thoughts that all goes well for your husband.
    This is beautiful, I really like the colour palette. There is real grace to this piece.
    Take care.

  11. Hi Anne - so sorry to hear about your and your DH's health issues - hope everything is okay. Don't worry about commenting - you just do what you can when you can! Love your chunky ATC - its stunning - brilliant piece - that eiffel tower looks amazing ! Big Hugs form me and mine to you and yours xx

  12. You need not to apologize for anything Anne! I hope and pray your hubby will be okay. Your first priority is always to him, then to! Really, I hope all is well.
    Your chunky is wonderful! I love the lace, and the knob is fabulous! Wonderful images too!

  13. Oh Anne what have you been doing and how is David.?
    I like your challenge, you are a very creative lot.
    :) Lynn xx

  14. Hi Anne, loving your chunky ATC with its beautiful Parisian theme, Hope you have a better week and your husband is ok. You're not the only one to have a silly accident I tripped over the clothes prop in the garden yesterday and went flying and bruised my knees, felt such a twit too. xx

  15. This stunning Anne, A wonderful design and beautifully detailed.
    Sorry to hear that you haven't had such a good week, I hope things start to get easier for you soon. Please don't worry about commenting, we all understand
    Take care
    hugs Sue xx

  16. Brilliant work of art Anne! No need to apologise, you take care of yourself and your DH. Vicky xx

  17. Gorgeous ATC Anne, Love the design & all the embellishments...Sorry to hear you have had a bad week.. I hope all goes well with DH at the hospital...I hope things get back to normal for you both soon...Hugs May x x x

  18. Sorry to hear things have been a bit stressful for you this week Anne, hope its a better week to come. Thanks for explaining how you made the chunky ATC - I had been wondering....... I do love it, the colours are wonderful and the French theme is just perfect. Love, Margie x

  19. I'm sorry to hear this Anne - sending you both my very best wishes for all to be well asap. Your design piece is wonderful - I love its clean lines and sharp contrasts. Very artistic and fabulous piece indeed. Take good care, Nicola x

  20. Love this block Anne. Hope things settle down for you
    Rosie x

  21. Brilliant project Anne! I love chunky ATCs and this one is stunning!!

  22. This is fabulous Anne. I love the way you have stamped and adorned this ATC and great recycling too

    Cafty Hugs

    Annie xx

  23. A really fabulous chunky ATC Anne and I love your colour scheme and your gorgeous embellishing! I can just see this piece sitting amongst treasures in a special place, it's superb.

    Sorry to read you've had one of those weeks, I do hope you're OK and your Hubby too. Sending you a big hug, Chris x

  24. No need to comes first! Hope your DH will be OK. Here's to a better next week!

    Your block ATC is great. I love the kraft with the black of course. All embellies look great...what a great idea for a bit of builders cast off!

  25. sorry to read that you've had a hard week...hope things get better soon...loving your chunky recycled to rummage in the stuff that the joiners are intending to take to the skip...hugs kath xxx

  26. Oh Anne, sorry you have had a rough week and I sincerely hope things get better and DH is ok and back home soon.
    In the meantime this is gorgeous. I have never done a chunky atc but you have made me want to. Love the colour and all the little additions are super.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  27. So sorry to hear of your troubled week Anne, I really hope you are both on the mend. I don't know how you've found time to make this beautiful piece, but I'm glad you have. Love the use of the Eiffel Tower die cut and the other embellies. The papers on the background are just right. Big hugs to you and my sincere wishes for a better week ahead! Xx

  28. Hi Anne,
    Hope everything went well at the hospital, crafty hugs to both of you.
    Love your chunky ATCs, the colours on this one are gorgeous and I love the Paris theme - very ooh la la!! Inspired by you, I got my father-in-law to cut me some chunks of wood, not done anything with them yet though, I really must get around to that sometime!
    Thanks btw, for the link regarding this Google Reader thingy. Popped over and had a look and things are a little clearer :)
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Linda xx

  29. Lovely as can be! The Paris theme is such fun! Anne, take care of yourself and your hubby and we will be here! Happy Sunday!

  30. Wonderful Paris theme love all the fun embellishments.

    Regards diane

  31. Hi Anne, sorry for the delay in commenting, been a busy few days..I love your chunky ATC's and this is beautiful. The colours are lovely and rich and j'adore the Paris theme! Hugs, Carole Z X

  32. Hi Anne, I hope all is good for you and your DH. I love your chunky ATC, i love the Paris theme with the rub ons and the die cuts, beautifully done, must get my thinking cap on before the OCC challenge finishes. Have a good week
    Toni x

  33. Hi Anne
    what a fantastic way of doing an ATC, it really stands up and shouts look at me. I love those papers some of my most fav and the attention to detail is amazing.

  34. Anne, it sounds like you have had your hands full this week. I hope everything went well and your life is settling into a happy and healthy rhythm. I love this chunky atc. It's beautiful with the added diecut and metal bits. Love the lace, feet, and knob. They give it such a presence. Very cool! Take care.

  35. It's gorgeous Anne. Can't imagine how you got it done with everything going on... hope you and your hubby are in a better spot as soon as possible!

  36. This is super lovely. How fantastic you were able to salvage a wood piece from your remodel. Makes it all the more special with the wonderful items you added. I recently got my first TH rubon, thanks to your inspiration. Oh dear on the accident, and hope things go smoothly and get all repaired as should be. Not to worry on the blog stuff, your priority is always family & health. Many hugs,prayers & positive thoughts coming your way.

  37. Your chunky ATCs always knock my socks off, Annie! Which isn't easy considering I happen to have shoes on over them!! This is stunning and extra special because you made it from a building block. Always thinking with those leetle gray cells, aren't you my girl, even when you are in pain, had an accident (?!) and were worrying about DH! Me, in awe, as ever!! xxoo Darnell

  38. A chunky atc, brilliant idea Miss Anne, I love it when a used piece gets recycled, both side are brilliantly done, this was such an ingenious idea and a gorgeous make, thanks for inspiring us all and have a wonderful day.. I hope all goes well with your husband and no apology needed, we'll see you when you can visit, life comes first, big hugs to you sweetie..

  39. Hi Anne...Hopefully I'll be able to get your new posts on Bloglovin'. I'm such a tech fraidy cat....haha Anyway, this chunky ATC is very cool. Love the different elements you've used on it! I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment this morning. <3 Candy

  40. Truly gorgeous work Anne - beautiful. xx

  41. Hello Anne. I've never seen a chunky ATC before, it's gorgeous. I've had a quick look through some of your posts and I love your art. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such lovely comments. I really appreciate it. ox

  42. I hope everything is back to normal right now, dear Anne!

    LOVE your chunky ATC! What a great idea to use wooden blocks! Fantastic!

    Claudia x

  43. Fabulous chunky art Anne, love the images and such a great way to show them.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  44. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! :D I've asked my huby to find me a block of wood or two but I'm still waiting, lol :0) xx

  45. Absolutely chunky,,,,,,creation Anne,,,,,,,,,,what a creative idea,,,,OMG thanks for yur comment in my blog about the new members,,,I have just post a new one by Monika Skinner,,,wow,woww,,,, You are Rock Anne.

    I love each detail here my friend....

  46. Hi again,Anne Awsome Chunky Creation,,,,,,,love every detail here, and all over all you can able with woden blocks,,,,,thanks for your comments to the new DT member works mt friend, I have just add a new one it is Monika Skinner and take a look to Bird Box by Melvida,,,,,soooo inspirational idea.

  47. Splendid Chunky Creation!! But why does everyone want to go to France? I just want to go back to England!!

  48. Stunning! The back is just as gorgeous as the front! I hope you are both ok now xx

  49. Hi Anne. I love your chunky atc's. the engraver papers are beautiful arnt they and the Rub ons/ additions look fab.
    I hope all is getting back to normal and all the hospital trips are nothing to serious x. Mark x

  50. Stunning creation, love everything about it.
    Off to my friend Pearls house to rummage in that skip in her drive...........LOL!!!
    Happy Crafting

    Patricia xxx


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