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Belinda Basson DT - Stamperia - Music Box

Hello Friends

Welcome to my blog.  Today I am sharing my second Stamperia blog post as part of Belinda Basson's Design Team.  If you are a follower of Stamperia on social media you will have seen some of the absolutely incredible projects that my team mates have been sharing there.

For my project this month I created a rotating music box.

The glare from the dome makes it difficult to see properly so here is a view without the dome:

And so you can see the movement, I did a little video...  I had all kinds of problems trying to load it up so I hope it works!

To start, I created Lady Vagabond and the suitcase from quick setting resin, using Belinda's Stamperia Mould and then painted her using Stamperia Allegro paints. 
Since Lady V was going to rotate on the music box, I decided she needed to be 3 dimensional, so I applied some Stamperia Extra Light soft clay to the back of the moulded Lady V and painted it.  It did not need to be a 'perfect' back as she was going to stand in front of a stained glass window.  Once the paint was dry I applied a thin coat of Stamperia Fluid Gloss Medium to give a slight sheen to Lady V and her suitcase. 
I turned my attention to the rotating base part (a purchased deconstructed mechanism that has been in my stash for a while).  I used some of Belinda's Stamperia Rice Paper (White Flowers) and used Glossy Gel to adhere it to the bottom twist part of the mechanism.
Next, I applied some of the Lady V design paper to the upper part of the mechanism and gave it two coats of Stamperia Transparent Crackle Paste, it dries clear and gives THE most wonderful crackles.  I added some design paper to the rotating base part along with a 'message in a bottle' and a binocular charm.  I added a small handle to the suitcase.  The suitcase is part of Lady Vagabond mould, I created it with Stamperia Extra Light Soft Clay and just cut it away from the larger luggage piece, sandwiching two pieces back to back to give it a 3D appearance.
I created a 'stained glass window' using two Tim Holtz die cuts (a  gift from my dear friend Kath) with some alcohol inked acetate sandwiched in the middle.  The window fitted perfectly on the base and looks gorgeous when the sun shines.

Of course I had to add Belinda's famous cat (the Supervisor) from Belinda's die cut chipboard range to complete the base of the music box.  I added labels to each side of the music box, the London word is cut from design paper and the other is a chipboard piece which says 'there is in all artists a little of the vagabond'.
A final view :

I had great fun and absolutely loved making this project and play it at least once a day - I think David is resigned to hearing it now - lol !
I added a list below of the Stamperia products I used, they are widely available around the world.  I have added some UK links to shops that sell a variety of Stamperia products.

Thanks so much for your visit, I really appreciate it.

Keep safe and well.

Hugs, Anne xxx

Stamperia Products Used:

Stamperia Lady Vagabond 8 x 8 paper pad
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Rice Paper - White Flowers (A3)
Stamperia Allegro Paint (various colours)
Lady Vagabond Mould - K3PTA487
Lady Vagabond chipboard die cuts
Stamperia Extra Light Soft Clay
Stamperia Transparent Crackle Paste (K3P37)
Stamperia Fluid Gloss

UK Stockists of Stamperia Products:


  1. I think your idea of making her 3D is genius! I love this creation so much.... I'm sure I would make her turn every day too!

    1. Thank you so much Bella, it was a real pleasure to create her. <3

  2. wow my friend, so this is just so beautiful and creative. It's so magical to watch, hugs kath xxx

  3. This is delightful. I’m so glad I am able to watch your video to better learn how it was done. Thank you!

  4. Anne this is just so gorgeous! You have done an amazing job... love how you created the back of Lady Vagabond. Great idea 💡. Well done on an awesome project.

  5. Wow Anne, absolutely amazing, loved the little video and the tune is delightful

  6. This 3d and interactive artwork is wonderful. The music really adds to the piece as a whole - being wistful and evocative. It's truly fantastic!

  7. Wow! You are a master of all things creative, Anne! I love this piece and not only is it a sweet 3D design, but that it's a music box makes it all that much more special. How clever to make the girl and her suitcase 3D! Your video was the icing on the cake!

  8. Anne, what a fantastic piece. So much attention to detail, love it. And the cat.... yes I have a supervisor. Love Axx

  9. Such a wonderful creation Anne!!! Love your video with its soothing music, I hope that you two enjoy the odd twirl while Lady V is rotating! Every little element is inspired but special kudos for shaping her dimensional back and that lovely Tim window. A superb make as always. Nicola x

  10. Oh me, Oh my!! This is so awesome Anne!! What a fabulous project! Such a gorgeous little scene and, the fact that it sits on a music box, makes it so much more special. Loved the video and the tune is very fitting and so sweet. You are a master at these projects my friend. Absolutely amazing!! xx

  11. A-MAZ-ING!!!!! She is absolutely stunning ..... I love a music box and I love your Lady V. Every detail is perfect and the music makes it extra special xx

  12. Absolutely fabulous - love the 3d pieces and the stained glass background. I think we all have things in our stash that we knew would come in useful one day and the music box is perfect. Love it. Elaine xx

  13. I just imagined she was two dimensional when I first saw her. What a fabulous project and what a fantastic result. Bet you are pleased with it, I would be.
    Hugs Neet xx

  14. This is beyond amazing Anne! I love how you have made her 3D, that was so clever, and you have painted her beautifully. The tune is so haunting, perfect for Lady V, I would have to play it everyday too! Take care and have a very happy week, Sue xx

  15. LOVE your video and the sound this makes! Gorgeous Anne, the painting, the design, every detail! This is a true treasure!

  16. I can't even with this one, Annie! Every time I think you have broken my jaw hinge, you make something even more amazing! Thank you for the terrific video of Lady V and The Professor in action! It really shows everything off beautifully, especially the stained glass. And thank you for showing her next to the bottles for scale. In the stand-alone photo, she looks to be a foot tall! Your best work ever, which is what I say (or think) every time, lol! I hope you and David are keeping well! Hugs, Darnell xoxo

  17. Oh my word Anne, it's taken me 15 minutes to even get round to typing this as I can not stop looking at this marvellous piece of craft(wo)manship, what an inventive mind you have. From thinking outside the box making Lady Vagabond 3D & snipping out the suitcase to adding extra detail with things like the binoculars and stained glass window you created a wonderful and atmospheric scene. I'm happy to see the supervisor is not far from her side.
    I could just imagine this in a little curio shop, i'd snap it up at a glance. I'm so proud to have you as a crafty friend you make my creative heart sigh with delight each time I visit... and I get to dance along to it's tune today too .. Amazing my friend Thank YOU.
    Now I feel the need to go make things, maybe i'll sleep a little first.
    Take care my friend & have a super duper weekend Big Hugs Tracey xx

  18. Hi Ann, these are perfect elements for you to play with and I'm loving the finished piece. Have a great crafty week, Angela xXx

  19. Wow, what a stunning music box! The detail and design looks so amazing, I loved seeing how it all came together, your used those Stamperia products so beautifully 😀. The turquoise window in the background is gorgeous and showcases Lady Vagabond perfectly! Thanks for the inspiration and sending you happy wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  20. Ooh I missed this, sooooo sorry! It's gorgeous and you used such beautiful colours. Not to mention it's a music box - genius! Big hugs my friend. xxxxxxx


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