Thursday, 9 May 2019

Mixed Media Board for AALL & Create

Hello Friends

My project for AALL & Create this week is a little different for me!  I had not really
intended to create a 'Jessica Rabbit' lookalike and I didn't really have a plan, but I have long been inspired by the faces that Jane Davenport paints and so she just evolved.  Kaitlin Paltridge's beautiful face stamp was a perfect starting point!
The board measures 8.1/2" square and is good strong board so it took a lot of product.
I planned where I wanted to have her face and stamped it using stamp #129 by Kaitlin Paltridge for AALL & Create, the stamp is called 'Edge'.
I used watercolour paints to colour in her face, pencilled in her hair and then covered the parts of her face that I wanted to hide with a little gesso.
I did the hair next, using several colours of acrylic paint and then gave it a wash with watercolour paint.  I used a black fine liner pen to scribble on the hair to give it some movement.
Next, I used watercolour paint, spreading it quite randomly over the background and then used Stencil #79 (Sputnik) by Olga Heldwein over the background, lifting some of the paint off with a wet paper towel.
I don't have an 'in process' picture but I covered the face and hair and then stamped over the whole piece with stamp #119 (Print by Numbers) by Tracy Evans.  I felt it needed the boldness of the black to tone down the hair colour somewhat.

 I stamped and coloured two flowers from Tracy's stamp set and added these to her hair.  I also stamped the sentiment from stamp #54 (Strings 'n' Scripts) by Bipasha BK.

Finally, I added some splatters of white acrylic paint.

You can find worldwide stockists for the stamps and stencils I used HERE.

Thanks so much for your visit, I hope to see you again soon.

Hugs, Anne xx


  1. Hi Anne, wonderful as usual. I looked at the art work and wondered when I saw it on Facebook, but with the full explanations here on your blog, I could see how you achieved the final look. I class myself as a beginner still.... but I could see what to try. You have inspired me. Thank you ! Axxx

    1. Andrea, thank you, as always, for your very kind words! <3 xxx

  2. Gorgeous Anne, I adore her hair, wish I could carry that colour off myself lol. Fabulous backdrop. I love how you incorporated all the stamps too ❤️❤️

  3. Wow, Anne, this is stunning!! She's so gorgeous!! I love seeing how you brought her to life!! The colors and stamping are beautiful!! Absolutely spectacular!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Stunningbwork anne! Is there no end to your talents xxx

  5. Anne, there are no words coming to me that fully give credit to this amazing artwork! Your creativity knows no boundaries! I love the background and how you brought this beautiful woman to life with her hair and your mad painting skills! Love this! Hugs!

  6. Anne, after seeing this awesome piece of artwork I want to grow my hair long and dye it the exact same colour that you used for your beautiful lady. Love everything about your Jane Davenport inspired creation, just stunning!! Hugs xx

  7. The girl turned out great, Anne! Love the colour of her hair and scribbling, it's like she had waves. The sentiment is just perfect for the image... I really love stamps by Bipasha.

  8. Anne...I'm absolutely floored to see this from you, and I'm in LOVE!!! The pink hair?!! Never would have expected it, and she is beyond wonderful! Love the background stamping and the scribbles in her hair are perfection! Good to keep us all on our! You are amazing!

  9. Anne you truly have embraced all those loves with this creation. The inspiration from other's can take us by the hand and guide us on our creative journey. What a stunning stamp set from Kaitlin, I love how she has left in those sketchy marks and lines to help guide the artist within us.
    You really have transformed her Anne, a beautiful step by step and an understanding from me where you have just lost yourself in creating her.
    I especially like how the highly detailed background does not interfere leaving your vivacious lady with flowers in her hair stand out proud.
    Stunning from start to finish.
    Big Hugs for the weekend Tracey xx

  10. Wow! This is just stunning Anne! I really, really love this! You used that lovely stamp to perfection and created a stunning portrait! Love the detail in the background and her hair is glorious!! hugs xx

  11. Hi Anne, this is different but I love it. Happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

  12. Wow! well done you! everything is colored so wonderfully especially the face and that red mane of hair! Love the contrast of the blue patterned background and the text on her hair... I have a few face stamps but haven't had the courage to try them - great job on this Anne! xx

  13. Sorry to be so late commenting, Annie. Our internet reception is spotty here. When I saw this post was from you, I admit I did a double-take! But then I shouldn't have been surprised because you are always astounding me with your limitless talents! She's amazing and each of the steps described is incredible, especially the way you wrote script in her hair to give it movement! Wonderful work! Hope you are still feeling better each day!! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  14. Anne this is amazing, how you've created this with a stamp is incredible, I wouldn't have a clue how to go about adding to a stamp like you have. Love it! xx

  15. She's so glamorous - amazing colour contrasts too. A hop out of kin for you, but it suits you!
    Alison x


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