Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Ring Out the Old, Bring in the New at Anything But Cute

Hello Everyone

I hope you have had a great start to the New Year!  I am thrilled to be the Host this month at Anything But Cute, and since it is the beginning of a new year I have chosen 'Ring Out the Old, Bring in the New' as my challenge theme.  To celebrate the New Year, we would like you to create a mixed media card or project using something 'new', perhaps you got some fabulous new craft item for Christmas or you have something new that you have not used yet - please do remember to tell us what the new item is!
For my birthday and Christmas this year I received some beautiful Sandra Evertson Archival Casts, by Prima and I really wanted to use the beautiful Archangel from the Archangels set. 

 It just seemed right to create a shrine for the Archangel.  I did some research on Pinterest to get some ideas and found a great board here.  Near where I live there is a real life shrine (photo at the end of this post) which has fascinated me for years. 

I started by cutting two Tim Holtz Cameo frames from black mount board (mat board) and I used Tim's Sized rectangle die to cut an aperture in one of the frames.  I measured the opening and created a 'box' to go between the two frames.  The spool was later trimmed to fit in the gap to create a sturdy stand.

The next view shows the assembled box, this was painted with black gesso all over and once dry I applied a coat of Americana Weathered Wood Crackle Medium.  This is part of Andy Skinner's Mega Crackle technique.  You can see a video of Andy using the technique here.

To create the base crackle I added a little DecoArt Media Fluid in Raw Umber to some DecoArt Media Crackle Paint.  You can use up to 20% of coloured paint in the crackle paint to colour the Crackle Medium but I just wanted a hint of colour so I just used two little drops of the paint.
Once the paint is applied, this is how the result looks.  It starts to crackle immediately and dries fairly quickly, but you really do need to let it completely dry before moving on. 
To tint the shrine I used a thin wash, a mix of DecoArt Quinacridone Gold and water.  Before the first layer dried I mixed some Prussian Blue Media Fluid with water and lightly brushed this over the entire piece.  In real life it looks a little mottled, which I like.  This is a view of the back.  I always seal all of the crackled area with a sealant, in this case I used Ranger Glue and Seal.
To give the Archangel an aged look I first painted it with a thin coat of white gesso, followed by a very thin layer of Weathered Wood Crackle Medium and then finally a coat of DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Titanium White.  The cracks are quite subtle.
Here is a close up showing the mega crackle on the shrine and the lighter crackle on the face of the Archangel.  The hair was lightly tinted with DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic in Quinacridone Gold.  The crown was painted with DecoArt Media Fluid in Metallic Gold
I also used my new Tim Holtz flower punch to create some flowers to decorate the shrine.  The flowers were punched and then coloured lightly with Candied Apple Distress Spray Stain.  I scrunched the wet flowers and used three sets of petals for each flower, adding white stamens from my stash.
I attached the finished flowers along with some Tim Holtz Holiday Greenery.
As I mentioned earlier, we have a real life shrine near where we live, it fascinates me because no matter what day of the week, or hour of the day you visit, it is always filled with flowers.  It is on a steep hill on a very narrow road and stopping to have a look is not easy.  It think it is beautiful and there is a great view of the Derbyshire hills behind.

Thanks so much for joining me here today, I hope you feel inspired to join in our challenge at Anything But Cute and I hope to see you again soon.

Hugs, Anne xx


  1. WOW Anne!! I was impressed when I thought this was a frame that you altered, now I see that you built it from scratch and I am completely floored!! This is just incredible!! Your mega texture turned out amazing and I love how you did the hair on the angel. Your step by step is clear and easy to follow, thanks for the tips, I'll be using some of these!! I love the inspiration photo too, what a magical place you must live in! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! hugs :)

  2. Oh Anne! The crackle on this was beautiful to start but now it looks amazing! This is a fabulous project! The shrine on the hill looks great too! Hugs, Chrisx

  3. This is amazing work ... You just get better and better x

  4. Your crackled shadow box frame is drool worthy! WOW Anne it's so clever how you pulled it all together. Thank goodness for that monster box of DecoArt ;)

    I love, love, love the bust. You are so incredibly lucky to live in a place with such history. I love every time I get to cross the pond and see the history Europe has to offer. Beautiful inspiration!

  5. WOW!!! Anne, your shrine looks amazing, especially with all the crackle paint texture! Just gorgeous!

    Paper Talk with Samra

  6. This is so cool! The crackled bits really add to the shrininess (new word?) of it. Every time I look at DecoArt stuff at the store I scratch my head unsure which to buy. I see some crackley mediums added to my stash in the future. Thanks, Anne!

  7. Wow, Anne! Your shrine is absolutely amazing--those mega crackles and the discreet ones on the Archangel just make this look so realistic! I'm very impressed with your handiwork on the construction of the shrine, and I would love to see a tutorial someday for that. (I'm a real klutz at construction!) This is truly a wonderful work of art!

    Thank you for sharing the photo of the shrine with that amazing view behind it. I would love to see more photos of your countryside! I'm sure it would be the only way I'd ever get to see it; I don't envision myself flying over the great pond that separates us! Big hugs and a big round of applause to you for this beauty!

  8. Your shrine looks like it could sit on the real life shrine and look as if it had always been there! It's stunning, Annie! Thank you for sharing your process in photos as it is amazing for me to watch your creations come to life!! Hugs, Darnell xxoo

  9. WOW it looks simply gorgeous and I am so delighted you shared your wonderful steps!
    Dr Sonia

  10. Well.... all I can say is....

    Anne made a shrine
    My eyes do dine
    On lusciousness fine
    with crackled line.
    Pieces... at least nine
    Placed on a dime
    I totally opine
    Creativity sublime.

    Heheheheh - I mean WHAT do you say when CREATIVE GENIUS is so obvious in a project like yours??? Awed. Gorgeous. Wow. j.

    Oh and P.S. YES... I read the instructions over three times now - eheheheh!!!!

  11. Wow, Anne, it's a spectacular piece of art! I adore your idea to create a shrine and your mega crackles are turned out perfectly! You know that I love your angel a lot and love the way how you did the hair! Your handmade flowers are so gorgeous! Brilliant make indeed! Thank you so much for that beautiful photo of your countryside and the shrine with such an awesome view!
    Huge hugs to you! Branka xxx

  12. This is fabulous,love all the

  13. Brilliant, Anne! You are so good at these dimensional pieces - I am always in awe of your architectural talent! Beautiful little shrine for that iconic angel, with fabulous texture and color.... great inspiration for the coming year! xxx Lynn

  14. What a wonderful little shrine you created Anne - you are so good at creating box sides for different front pieces!! and the crackle is wonderful not to mention the gorgeous coloring - and moving on to that wonderful archangel - with the subtle crackle and golden highlights in her hair - so many lovely details - thanks for showing the products you used too! I have to check out that video. Love that little shrine near you - thanks for sharing the photo! Your scenery is breathtaking! Julia xx

  15. Fantastic project Anne -- I really thought that was a store bought shrine that you finished. You and several other people just really blow my mind -- creative? You betcha and what a mathematical mind you must have to figure out and see proportions. And the angel bust - it reminds me of Classical Greek sculptor. Beautifully made Anne.
    Love the real life shrine -- we really do not have shrines here that I see in my neck of the woods. I loved all the ones I saw in Europe especially Poland. It looks like there are notes on the wall in the shrine - if so, do you know what they say?
    I too would like to see more photos of where you live -- I do love Great Britain so much.
    It is good to see you post - I was beginning to get a little concerned.
    Have a glorious, creative and healthy New Year Anne!
    Sandy xx

  16. Fabulous mega crackles on this lovely shrine Anne, thanks for the link and pretty little flowers too. The photo of the real shrine looks fabulous against the back drop of blue sky and the hills Mo xx

  17. this is amazing - I absolutely adore it - I can't believe you made it all from scratch - and the crackle looks amazing - thanks for your support Anne!!! Big hugs Rachel x

  18. Gorgeous Anne, love it. You are so good at making these 3D projects. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  19. More crackle please! Just kiddin because this is crackle at its best! Love the mega you have achieved, mega awesome sauceness! Fantabulous design and what a way to make a shrine, from scratch!?! Say what girl! That's art genius right there. Love the antiqued cracked look you made for the archangel, looks like it belongs to a Greek god. Gorgeous! Hugz to you muffin! ~Niki

  20. If I haven't already said it Anne , happy new year to you both.
    What a fabulous project, one I may have to have a go at myself or file away for future use.
    Lynn xxx

  21. What a super make Anne. The shrine you have created is beautiful.
    Toni xx

  22. Fascinating to see how this stunningly gorgeous shrine came together Anne. And really interesting to see where you got your inspiration too. Between the wells and shrines there are some real treasures tucked away in them there Derbyshire hills! Huge hugs, Jenny xxx

  23. What a great theme, and what a gorgeous crackled shrine you've created for your beautiful Archangel. You've distressed her beautifully, with a wonderfully aged look from the gilded hair to the delicate porcelain crackle. As Jenny says, it's lovely to see the inspiration for the shrine too. Brilliant!
    Alison xx

  24. Gorgeous crackled shrine Anne, love how,you created it from scratch. The red flowers are a fantastic contrast to the crackle backdrop. Lovely to see how,you were inspired too. Tracy x

  25. What a beautiful shrine Anne, the crackle on the shrine itself is fabulous and love the colours you used and the subtle texture on the angel is absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us and also for sharing the picture of the shrine near your home, it is lovely! Deb xo

  26. You never cease to amaze me Anne with the things you think up to make for the various challenges. Always superb and this shrine is just beautiful.
    Will send your love to you know who this weekend.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  27. Totally fabulous Anne x Love the way you have created the shrine and that magnificent crackle. The angel is beautiful too

    TFS and huge hugs Annie xx

  28. A cracklingly good project - love the big crackles on the shrine and the more subtle ones of her face making it look like marble. I'm from Notts so agree with the beautiful Derbyshire hills!!

  29. Happy New Year Anne. you have created a beautiful treasure by making that shrine. Yummy crackle that worked out perfectly (I know how unpredictable it can be) and such a sensitive touch in your lovely detail.
    It was interesting to see the roadside shrine too and amazing that there are always flowers there. So touching as it must be really special to some people.
    lots of love
    Jo x

  30. I meant to add, Anne, have you seen the Karen Burniston die that Shelley Hickox used here.....
    perfect for one of your creations!! I'd love to see what you could make of it!
    Jo x

  31. Happy New Year Anne! I am doing visit catch up this evening, and saved you for last, because I knew I'd want to read through an interesting & detailed post! No surprise at what I find in this one, except to enjoy such a lovely project. The projects you design always amaze me, at your thought process in the creativity employed to arrive at the finished piece. This is one of the most beautiful of all. I like the Shrine idea, and how wonderfully well, you've incorporated the feel & look of the 'real' one. Along with cardinals, another love of mine, is angels. So I'm especially drawn to this one. Enjoyed reading how you used all the mixed media & TH channeling to arrive at the lovely finish. It is truly a work of art. TFS & Hugs too.

  32. I love the association you made between both: your inspiration subject and your creation: fabulous shrine, crackle effects and the feel of the face!

  33. Wow Anne! What a beautiful work of art! Love all the crackle and your flowers are stunning!

  34. This is fabulous Anne, love the crackle and beautiful flowers.
    Linda xxx

  35. Anne, this is an absolute stunner. I love the shrine and the crackled texture and lovely flowers. Happy Sunday. Hugs from dry CA at the moment.

  36. Anne, this is an absolute stunner. I love the shrine and the crackled texture and lovely flowers. Happy Sunday. Hugs from dry CA at the moment.

  37. Happy New Year Anne, I do hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas.

    Fabulous make and I love the step by step tutorial. The crackle is amazing.

    Warm crafty hugs from Shirl x x x

  38. A stunning make Anne, made all the more so given it's completely made from scratch. Loving your work with DecoArt products - you have them looking fabulous and the very subtle crackle on the archangel is perfect.

    Now, intrigued by your inspiration, I have googled your image...follow link to learn more about Shrine

    What's charming too is that the shrine is looked after by St. Anne's Church in Buxton - you may even know it? So there you go...

    Nicola x

  39. Wowzer Anne. How on earth did I miss this one. The shrine itself looks so amazing and the Angel looks like a real old relic too. What a wonderful talent you have Anne and you always get the details so perfect. Hugs Rita xxxx

  40. So beautiful! Love all the crackle detail, it's amazing how old this looks! The flowers are lovely too. Thank you for showing us the photo of the shrine that was your inspiration! xxx

  41. Saw this on FB and loved it!!! And couldn't wait to get over here and look properly, it's such a fab project and what a great theme. Can't wait to see what other gorgeous creations you make in 2016 xx

  42. Happy New Years Anne! I love those relics, played with them at the art event last week. I love what you did with the frame, the colors and mega crackle looks amazing. It is perfect for the relic and looks authentic. I hope you do more with the relics and when Finnabairs new paint comes out you should try it on black gesso, I can only imagine the great things you would make with all that. You are so good with that stuff. Hope you have a great day! Hugs Kelly

  43. A fantastic start! This work is really amazing, the crackle is amazing! BArbarayaya

  44. Anne, This is a sublime creation which exudes serenity, it is almost as though the angel is watching over, protecting.
    I have such a weakness for Relics and Artifacts. The trouble was, when I first got them I only wanted to look at them, so had them scattered around on display (is that weird?!!!) but now I want to add them to everything. They are such a gorgeous surface to alter.
    I love the depth of the crackle you achieved and the gorgeous burst of colour from the flowers.
    Adore this creation!

  45. First off Anne I hope you will accept my sincere apologies for arriving here later than I had hoped. You know I always like to spend time reading your posts and taking in all the detail - thats the very least you deserve for all the time and work that you put into your creations and your posts so I couldn't just come with a few mins to spare - hence my later ETA.
    Once again Anne you have created an amazing piece of art. I love the story behind your inspiration.
    The mega crackle is WOW! and I love the subtle crackle on the cameo frame - so delicate! The contrast between the two works so perfectly.
    The fact that you built the shrine yourself only adds to the creative value of this piece.
    Thank you so much for sharing Anne x

    1. I forgot to leave some Hugs - so here they are - HUGS ! xx


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