Monday, 4 November 2013

THANK YOU / UPDATE and Birthday/Halloween Accordion Card

The post below was scheduled but Mr Blogger did not do his duty so it is out of date by more than a week but I still wanted to show it for my friend Sandy and also bring you up to date and say thank you!

I wanted to send emails to everyone but there are just too many of you!  I am home from hospital now, my broken hip is starting to mend although I am under instruction not to put any weight on it or it will be a hip replacement for me .....not a pleasant thought so I am following Doctor's orders to the letter.

THANK YOU for all your messages, your kindness has overwhelmed me, I always knew my blog friends were wonderful but even you, dear friends, have gone above and beyond and I am not sure I will ever be able to repay you......... you will never know how much you all mean to me!

Thank you to Jenny, Mo and Lynn for spreading the word about my horrible accident.  Thank you to Jenny, Rita, Annie, Astrid, Brenda, Nicola, Terry, Sandy, Toni, Diane and Chris for the absolutely stunning flowers which arrived today (with chocolates too!).  Your kindness has warmed my heart and given me a much needed boost.

Thank you to Darnell, Claudia, Alison, Lynne, Mark, Rachel, May, Kelly, Carole, Kath, Patricia, Jennie, Laura, Julia, Linda, Amy and two Elaines, Di, Sue, Dianne, Jo Ann, Donna (and there are more that I have not read yet)........ for your kind and thoughtful words by email and on my blog.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends and I treasure you all.  I will show all my beautiful cards when I feel a little better.

I am sorry that I will probably get behind again in looking at your blogs and commenting but as soon as I feel a bit more like myself I will be back stalking you all..........


Now, below is a post which should have gone out on 26th October.............

It is the birthday of my lovely blog friend Sandy this week.  Sandy also loves Halloween so I took the opportunity to make an accordion card to cover both occasions.  Sandy has received her card and loved it.  I do not normally show cards that I have made for family and friends, but I know that Sandy will love seeing her card again here.

This is one side of the card - the birthday side.

I used mainly Tim Holtz items: the backing paper, the gorgeous Blueprint dragonfly and the wonderful mini Tattered Floral die, the Simple Sayings stamp set and of course his gorgeous paints to colour the flowers and the little square of burlap.

 The base card is made from Karen Burniston's fabulous Accordian base and frame dies (which I love!).

The Halloween side of the card again uses mainly Tim Holtz products: backing paper, the fabulous skull stamp and his Halloween die cuts, chit chat words and the Simple Sayings stamp set.  The orange colour in the background is Ripe Persimmon Distress Paint which is so perfect for Halloween makes.

I just love the way that this Accordion card can be made double sided, it is so versatile!

Thanks so much for looking, I look forward to catching up with you all soon.  Big hugs, Anne xx


  1. Oh Anne it is wonderful to see that you are actually able to use a computer, go online and even better share your stunning card with us, what a treasure, both sides are absolutely amazing!!

    I have been thinking of you so much, Anne, there are truly no surprises in the fact that so many people have been in touch with you in their won way! You are such a great friend and support to all of us!!! PLEASE look after yourself and don't over do it!!! Never mind about visiting our blogs, don't do it because you feel you have to, we all understand I am certain, only visit for your own enjoyment when you feel up to it. You need to look after YOU!!!

  2. Anne you are so deserving of all the attention and I'm so glad the little things that could be done for you are helping in their own way. Your card for Sandy is absolutely beautiful and I love both sides - how clever of you to make it work for two such distinct themes. Please take great care of yourself as you are so very precious. Huge hugs to you both, Jenny xxx

  3. wonderful wonderful cards - really gorgeous Anne and I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling a little better. I really hope that your hip heals quickly and you're able to get mobile soon, But do give it time! Big Hugs to you my lovely friend! Rachel xx

  4. Hello Anne, glad to see you posting again ... and that you are on the mend. There's no doubt about it, the crafting/blogging community we belong to is wonderful. So many caring people helping to keep spirits up in times of adversity :)

    Your card is amazing! I love that it has two contradictory sides to it, one pretty, the other pretty spooky :)

    Take care and hope you continue to recover fully. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  5. OMG! I am so sorry!
    I am glad you are doing ok though.
    Will pray for a speedy, healthy recovery for you.
    And your cards are fabulous by the way. :)

  6. Hi Anne, So glad you are home... the card for the lovely Sandy is outstanding....Please take it easy.. don't rush your recovery...I used to nurse in orthopedics many years ago it is so important to follow the Doc's orders....Take care Lovely lady...Big Hug May x x x

  7. So sorry ,I must have missed what happened to you but glad to hear you are out of hospital and hopefully on the mend, do take good care of yourself

  8. Hey Sugar - I am so glad you posted the card - it is so amazing, I wanted the world to see it and I know the world comes to your blog sooner or later!!!! Honey you have a friend in me - as you know I have had fractures two summers in a row and I know what it means to get behind. I just don't know when I will catch up, cards, projects, house - you name it!!!!! But you are home now in your own bed and a comfy chair and some Telly and it is good you can be on the computer. I think of you everyday and you stay in my prayers.

  9. OMG, Annie, I just snorted coffee out of my nose for reals! What an absolute riot to have that brilliant accordion card be sweet and birthdayish and lovely on the one side and then wild and wicked and spooktacular on the other side! Your mind is genius!!

    Thank you for the update on your condition and just for checking in for us! Now, PLEASE, no worries about checking my blog and stalking me. I want you to be stalking your own navel only and meditating on healing cells in your hip as they scurry to and fro mending what is broken! And that's all! Oh, wow, am I every bossy, or what?!! Love and gentle healing hugs! Darnell

  10. Oh have been through so much...sending healing thoughts your way!
    Never you mind about leaving comments here...I want you to be resting, eating well, healing, and growing new bone!

    Your accordian card is so who better than Sandy to know about broken hips! Listen to her advice, girl. I love the way the card is two sided...the Halloween side is really spooky and the flip side is so wonderful.

    I am sending a little package to cheer you up...soon you will be well enough to play with it!

    Crafty hugs

  11. WHOOT, WHOOT, it's grand to hear your mending, and the crafting community is THE BEST !!!. Now Miss Anne this accordion card is BRILLLLLLIANT, doing the side different was fantastic, I thought you had made 2 of them, the BD side is GORGEOUSSSSS, beautiful papers, love the burlap, the flowers are beautiful, the butterfly and dragon fly are stunning.. The other side is SPOOKTACULAR, thanks for sharing it, and you just take care of your self, you will be greatly missed by everyone, but we need you to be all better, sending you lots of healing wishes, (((( BIG HUGS )))))

  12. I am so very sorry to hear your news. Really hoping you rest and your hip soon heals. Sending you lots of get well wishes.
    Annie x

  13. Hi Anne, I knew you could not resist the temptation to come on and thank everyone for their concern, it is one of many of your very special qualities that you always think of others first. I am so glad you are resting and healing in the comfort of your own home now and I know you will be good and take it easy. As promised I will pop round and see you later in the week for a gentle hug a coffee and a chat. This accordian card that you made for Sandy is amazing such a good idea to make it double sided, no wonder she was over the moon with it and wanted the world to see. Take care my friend. Hugs Mo x

  14. Hi Anne, Sorry to hear about your hip - I hope you will be running around pain free soon. But for now I hope you are being pampered! Lovely card - great colours as always. Love and Hugs, Jacky xxx

  15. Hi Anne, Sorry to hear about your hip - I hope you will be running around pain free soon. But for now I hope you are being pampered! Lovely card - great colours as always. Love and Hugs, Jacky xxx

  16. An amazing card Anne - what a fabulous make. And so sorry to hear about your hip - I hope things start improving for you soon. Jennie x

  17. Hello Anne, I was sorry to hear about your hip, I hope it heals soon and that it isn't too uncomfortable for you.
    Your card is stunning, a truly wonderful design full of gorgeous detailing.
    Take care, sending you hugs
    Sue xx

  18. Hi Anne, wonderful card. I am sending you a virtual bucket full of apples to go along with the doctor's orders!! Please take and I'm sending lots and lots of careful huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. What an absolutely fantastic card - a real sugar and spice affair! I was so sorry to hear of your fall - but a broken hip!!! You don't do anything by halves do you?! Make sure you get that rest - no matter how difficult you may find it! Hugs, Chrisx

  20. So lovely to see you here - and with such a fabulous card for Sandy too - the double-sided birthday/Halloween combo is absolutely inspired. And I'm delighted that you've received so much care and attention from around Craftyblogland - you are very much loved!! Take care of yourself, and don't give a second thought to blog-visiting - we'd much rather you used your energies to get yourself better. Lots of love, as ever...
    Alison xx

  21. Glad you're home from hospital Anne, card is on it's way to you.

  22. What an absolutely fabulous card for Sandy, I can see why she loves it, your creative mind is genius. All words have been said about taking time to heal and do as the docs say. Just take care, plenty of rest and stop worrying about commenting or blogging, We aren't going anywhere and will be here when you are able to post, whenever that might be.
    Big hugs and lots of love. {brenda} x0x

  23. Anne, this is a clever, innovative, fabulous card. I'm so glad that you are now able to recuperate at home and I hope you are getting heaps of pampering and spoiling. Take care. Love and hugs, Di. xx

  24. Hi Anne, I'm so pleased you are doing well...just take care and as you say follow doctor's orders! This card is stunning, absolutely fabulous...I have loved these accordion cards so much that I now have the die too, just waiting for the chance for some 'me' crafting time to use it properly! Extra big hug for you, Carole Z XX

  25. I am so very happy to hear that you are at home and on the mend *hugs* Mo :0) xx

  26. Hi Anne! So good to see you posting, but do take care and do as the Doc says :) It's a measure of how lovely a person you are that we all sent our love, good wishes, flowers and chocs (even if they DID use my Sunday name). I had a hip replacement some while back and am fit as a flea now - the main thing is to obey orders :)

    Right, onto your fabulous card - A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! I love it!

    Hugs, Di xx

  27. Oh my! I'm quite shocked to hear of your trauma so late but pleased you are home and I hope you make a steady good recovery. I haven't been blogging lately as I hit brick wall with all my travels and minor illnesses and goings on.
    Your card is a triumph... two for one and both sides excellent.
    Take it easy Anne and I hope you are soon back to 100% health.
    Lots of love
    jo x

  28. Hello Anne. You are the Queen of Accordian Cards!! This is yet another fantastic one. Rest, rest then rest some more my friend. Nicola x

  29. Anne, I am so sorry you ever had that nasty fall, but pleased you are on the mend! Very important to follow the doctor's instructions and don't you worry your pretty little head over bloggy visits. I tell you if I ever break down and buy the accordion die, it will be because of your incredible use of it! Love this and all the gorgeous details. Take care and sending love and hugs!

  30. Anne...Oh my gosh! I feel AWFUL about not knowing about your terrible fall and broken hip. Please forgive me for not responding to that sooner than now. Bless you heart. I am glad to read that you are out of the hospital and home again. I hope that you are not in too much pain and that your recovery will be a speedy one. Bless you....
    Your two accordion cards are amazing! Both so different but so beautifully done. Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog as well, my friend. Take GOOD care of yourself!! Much love being sent your way. <3 Candy

  31. So glad to hear that you're home and on the mend...sending lots of love xxx

  32. Hi Anne so good to see you've felt well enough to do a little blogging ! I was very sorry to hear that you had broken your hip and were in hospital. As you are fully aware you really must follow doctors orders !!!!!! It must be lovely to be back in your own home ! The card you have made is wonderful i love the double sided aspect of it, and the fact that each side gives no clue to what is on the reverse. Very creative! I have at last managed o get the accordion die but not the centre label die as yet. Your gift to me has made me want it more ! What are we crafters like!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery with much love toni xxx

  33. Hi hun, it's lovely to hear that you're home. You do exactly as the doctor orders and get well soon. xxxx
    I love your accordian card, you're a genius with this design. It's fab the way that one side is all pretty and perfect for a birthday, then turn it around and ...... mwahhaha all scary for Halloween ..... so clever. Take care Anne, lots of love and best wishes ..... Linda xx

  34. So pleased to hear you are home, do take it easy.
    Beautiful card
    Rosie x

  35. Hello Anne
    I am so happy to hear that you are out of Hospital, how special to have blogging friends close by to send you flowers, I can imagine what a warm feeling this would have given you. Curve Balls unfortunately hit us at the most unexpected times, all you need to do now is be patient, as you can see many people all over the world have you in their thoughts, that alone should put a smile on your face, keep us updated on your progress, I hope the frustration of not creating does not last too long, rehabilitate well.

  36. oh Anne I am so sorry about your hip! i am glad you are out of hospital now though. Sorry my good wishes have come so late, I haven't been around in the crafting or blog world much lately. The card you have made is stunning! You are so talented! Take good care of yourself and I hope your recovery is complete very soon. Huge hugs, Christine xx

  37. Good evening Anne,
    Glad you are home in the comfort of your house. It makes such a boost to your recovery to be in a happy situation.
    Be good, do as you are told, doing that will have you running about again in no time.
    Thinking of you often

    Patricia xx

  38. Since I have been away from blogging for a couple of months I missed a lot of what has been happening. So sorry to hear that you have suffered a nasty injury and I wish you well for a speedy recovery. I had a brief stay in hospital earlier this week and I discovered I'm a terrible patient. You sound very strong and determined to overcome this set back. Now about your friends birthday card. Only yesterday I had put that Accordion fold die into a shopping cart, totally inspired by the various cards you have made over these past few months. Sadly I had to put it back - wishful thinking at this stage. It's on the top of my wish list. Thanks for sharing another inspiring way to use this die. Get well soon.

  39. Heard about your fall last week, and was so sorry to hear such. But happy to read tonight that you're home, ready to follow dr's orders. We missed you! So set your priorities on healing, and know that everyone will be anxiously awaiting your return when you are up to blogging, crafting, etc. once again. Your card is lovely. Both sides! Sandy will love it, and you do Tim, better than HE does!!! Many hugs & well wishes for your smooth & speedy recovery.

  40. Two beautiful masterpieces, love the first one as I am a sucker for butterflies! Hugs Bev x

  41. I'm back to blog land, and so sad to hear of your news. I HOPE you are mending my fun at all. Your accordion card is delightful! Love both sides! Be well!

  42. So sorry to hear about your fall but very glad that you are on the mend and behaving yourself, lol! I've been a very bad blogging friend and neglected visiting my favourites for a few weeks now purely because I've struggled to stay awake at the keyboard, lol! I've had a long look back at your posts that I missed and Wow! are there some fabulous creations or what! I've been trying to add your blog to my blog roll but for some reason Bloggers not playing. Will have to try another day :-(

    Lesley Xx

  43. Great card Anne, take care not to rush back to your crafting, I know it's difficult lol!
    All that paper and card seems to shout out at you, it's a very addictive hobby.
    Look after yourself. Big crafty hugs, Angela x

  44. I'm glad your out of hospital. I hope the recovery is a swift one and you will be back on your feet in no time. Lovely cards but I love the Halloween one. The way the skull fits is perfect xx. Take care of your self xx.

  45. Hello Anne
    This was a lovely surprise!
    You have been missed so much. I was so glad to know that you were home. I hope your recuperation will not take too long and that you are not in dreadful pain. No doubt you are feeling all out of sorts dealing with crutches and incapacitated, you poor soul.
    A beautiful card, I say card but it is so much more than a card. How clever to incorporate such different styles and yet it works so perfectly, a wonderful idea.
    Take good care.

  46. Hi friends are so fabulous and you are one of them. We are glad to know you are home and hope you will have a speedy recovery.

    S andy's card is amazing and. Great idea to incorporate Halloween too

    Absolutely stunning.

    Sending you huge hugs Annie x

  47. Good Sunday afternoon to you Anne,
    Sun shining here, I hope is the same for you.
    Just popped by to let you know I was thinking about you and wishing you well.
    Hope you are beginning to get about a bit and will soon be creating once again.

    Patricia xxx

  48. Redanne your works are so beautiful, i love accordion cards !!!! Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

  49. Wonderful makes. Hope you are doing ok. Kim

  50. Hello Anne I am sending you a belated Get Well! What a lousy thing to have happen. I am so happy that you are following Doctors Orders - my sister has just been through an emergency hip replacement and it is not nice! So rest up - get well and try to relax.

  51. Oh, Gott, Anne...
    was lese ich da?! Das ist ja schrecklich, und ich habe nichts von deinem Unfall gewusst. Vielleicht auch überlesen, denn mein Englisch ist nicht so gut :-)
    Du Arme musstest schlimme Schmerzen erleiden. Ich hoffe, dir geht es inzwischen besser. Ich wünsche dir alles Liebe und Gute und so wenig Schmerzen wie möglich.
    Ich habe bereits seit 8 Jahren eine neue Hüfte. Mir geht es sehr gut damit. Ich bin froh, dass es diese Ersatz-Gelenke gibt. Man muss ja anfangs noch sehr vorsichtig damit umgehen, und die Geh-Stöcke sind auch sehr lästig. Aber das gibt sich bald und wird dann jeden Tag besser.
    Liebe Anne, ich umarme dich, und ich wünsche dir, dass du dich bald wieder gut bewegen kannst, und auch mit Freude wieder basteln kannst.

  52. Hi Anne! I just spotted that you've been commenting over at Sue's blog - hope you're taking it easy chick!

    Hugs, Di xx

  53. Just popped back in to share that I have not mailed your parcel ye!
    . I went up to my Mum's in the Okanagan and held off mailing to you b4 I left as I wanted to add a wonderful Canadian tea towel that was from gorgeous natural linen...they sold it in the fancy home decor/l Kitchen shop in her bummed out as they were sold out and advised not bringing any more in...

    I took these to give a way in England but have given all of mine away. Will go out shopping tomorrow, as I want to add one more thing to your don't worry about it being lost in the mail. Will get it send by Saturday!
    Hugs...hope your hip is healing well...

  54. Just read about your fall on Neet's blog and wanted to send you my very best wishes for a speedy recovery. x Jo

  55. Hi Anne, wonderful cards, I love the blues and butterflies in the first card giving a lovely delicate feel. Lovely design and composition. I love the Halloween accordion too, fantastic detail. Tracy x

  56. So sorry to hear about your accident Anne, never realised until today. Hope you feel better soon. Sending you huge healing hugs. Take care of yourself . Tracy x

  57. I hope that you are feeling better very soon!


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