Wednesday, 27 June 2012

WOYWW, Week 160

Hello Fellow WOYWWers

Here it is again (so soon!) that time of week when we share our desks with all who wish to see.  If you don't participate already hope over and visit Julia at  who will explain all.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for your kind comments/concern over all my hospital/Doctor visits last week.  I have put a small piece at the end of this post to explain results etc. for those who are interested, or if you are not then please just skip over it.

I have had a lot of time in my craft room this week and I spent most of it using my new Summer Distress Inks from the King of Distress and I have had a wonderful time.  I laid out a few of the things I have made, a couple have already been posted previously, but this is what is on my desk today:-

There is a gift box at the top (which has a little drawer in it), a vintage perpetual calendar that I altered and at the front a tag that was going to be entered into the Frilly and Funky challenge, but the jury is still out on that one, an ATC made with a lovely face mask stamp and on the far right there are two ATCs that I have received this week, the pink one is from Mo, a lovely lady who is just starting out crafting, who does not have a blog but she does follow WOYWW.  Last but not least is a beautiful ATC from the lovely Bridget Larsen in Australia.  Thank you to both of you and thanks also to Darnell who wrote me a lovely letter to thank me for the ATC I sent to her.  Aren't Crafters just the nicest people?

OK, this is the bit you may wish to skip.  I was diagnosed with sudden onset Rheumatoid Arthritis 6 years ago and since then I have had a right wrist replacement (yes really), a right knee replacement and now they want to operate on my right shoulder and also remove a cyst from my new knee.  I have tried a number of 'wonder' drugs but none has, to date, worked.  I am now waiting for the latest one, which means I will not have to inject myself anymore (yay!).  Anyone who has RA will know how painful a disease it can be but I have learned to cope and the one thing that has helped most (aside from Mr.) is craft.  I get emmersed and forget the pain and I am so grateful for that.  Anyway, if you have got this far, thank you for taking an interest, I will try not to mention it again!

If you do visit this week, please leave me a comment, I love to read them all and I will do my best to return the compliment.  Hope you have a happy WOYWW, Crafty hugs, Anne xx


  1. What beautiful crafty creations Anne,
    They all look amazing for different reasons and the colours are so pretty. I agree with you that crafter's especially the WOYWW gang seem to be such a lovely bunch. seem to have been having such a lot to cope with, but I'm happy that your crafting helps :D
    My mum suffered with RA when I was quite small but over the years she seemed to improve so don't dispair.
    Thanks for sharing ~ we'll be here to support you. Take care.
    Have a great productive crafty week ~ enjoy!
    Neesie #41

  2. you truly have some lovelt things on your desk and the caledar is beautiful. i am so sorry for you and glad that in some small way crafting are so sweet and kind is seems unfair! have a great week trace x 58

  3. I am so sorry that you have to deal with that terrible illness.
    I had not heard of wrist replacements but it makes sense that they would do them!
    I hope they figure out the cyst problem on your new knee and that your pain level taper off.

  4. Well, sheet, honey, with that illness, you can mention it as often as you like. A person does need to vent now and then. You are an inspiration, you have no idea!! How you manage to craft and leave all the comments you do - you are amazing! Wishing you good days! Darnell #55

  5. Wow, you have been busy again! There are some beautiful projects on that desk of yours and it looks like you've been giving the new colours a real workout.
    Here's hoping these new pills will do the trick - living a life with pain can get most people down, but you are one of the special peeps who keep going regardless and remain positive and enthusiastic. You are an inspiration to us all. Sending you huge crafty hugs as always, Buttons x

  6. Love your projects - such lovely colours ! Have ordered those Distress inks but they are waiting for a magazine to come back into stock before they send them - so no playtime yet for me ! Hope your new treatment works out well for you - my DH has Muscular Dystrophy and it breaks my heart to see him in pain or dealing with the frustrations of his limitations - but he keeps fighting bless him - and don't tell anyone but he enjoys scrapbooking himself - as you say craft can be very absorbing !! Have a great crafty week Ali #66

  7. Sorry to hear about your RA but glad to know that crafting immerses you to the point that the pain is not as bad. I too find that crafting helps with my pain and nothing is better than getting immersed in a project but it must be awful to be at the point where you need to inject. Fingers crossed for this new wonder drug.
    As for your desk - what a lot of loveliness thee is on it. I do like the "blue" stuff especially, so delicately coloured.
    Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Neet #20 xx

  8. wow have been busy making lots of gorgeousness with your new inks. So sorry to read about your health problems...crafting is a great therapy and you are an inspiration to us take care and fingers crossed the new medication works for you..big hugs kath xxx

  9. Best of luck with your treatment. DH is having issues with joint pain so while I don't know first hand, I hear about it. I love your Distress Stain projects (tempted by that colour selection) and glad crafting helps.

    Happy WOYWW

    Mary Anne (1)

  10. A big thumbs up to my very first Doodly Bird Store customer and now lovely talented blog friend. Watch out for Mr Postie this week he is on his way.
    Lots of love
    Lynn x x x

  11. wowser Anne - you've been making some amazing stuff - love that calender - I had a friend who had one of those and it just reminded me of the good old days!!! Sorry to hear about your RA - I wasn't aware - you certainly hide it well. Here's hoping the latest wonderdrug is a goodie! Big hugs Rachel xx

  12. What gorgeous makes Anne, I love that dragon fly x good luck with the treatment for your RA.. I am glad to hear crafting takes your mind off the pain.. it's a wonderful therapy and your makes are always a great inspiration to me Anne x x x I am not linking up this week as my DD wedding day is the 30th June,, so all hands on deck so to speak but I just wanted to drop by and say Hello!! Hugs May x x x

  13. Thanks for your visit and comment this morning. Sorry to hear about the RA and all the effects and pain it generates. I certainly know what you mean about craft helping to cope with the pain. Love your inky work and also those ATCs you have received. Thanks for letting us have a peep into your workspace today. Hope you have a good week. Hazel, WOYWW #27 x

  14. Utterly stunning creations. I'm so sorry to hear about your RA, I truly hope you find something that helps.

    Zoe #54

  15. Hi Anne Good Luck with the treatment for your RA. I am so pleased that you find crafting distracts you from the pain a little! Your projects look absolutely amazing! Beautiful colours!

    Sarah x

  16. Such beautiful projects and the colours are gorgeous. Hope all goes well health wise.
    Sandra @105

  17. You really have been in the wars! Hope they can "sort you out"! Love your desk, with those fab atc's - and thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday. Helen, 26

  18. Some lovely ATCs on your desk! (And did I mention that yours was most particularly welcome? It is lovely!)

  19. ...Anne your desk is awash with gorgeous things...I so loVe the look of your dressform tag in the bright yellow and turquoise, so eye catching, your box with the dragonfly is fabulous as is your mask tag & lovely ATC's you've recieved too...your desk is like Christmas!...Mel:)
    I've been unable to take part glad you have good news on the horizon, I can't imagine what your RA feel's like & your a brave lady to endure the pain & ops!...& I'm also glad you have found crafting and that it helps you and that I have found and follow you as I loVe to see what you do...big hug...Melxx :)

  20. What a beautiful collection of treasures - I love the tag, such gorgeous colours - and the box with the flower and dragonfly is just stunning.
    Good luck with your treatment and hope you have a good week
    Diana #106

  21. A really pretty desk this week, lots of loveliness there to look at!

    Fingers crossed everything medically goes the way you want it to - not brill news but hopefully the new wonder drug will do the trick. I totally get the whole wrist replacement thing - most people don't realise it can be done, but my Dad worked at the Uni in London where they developed the hip and knee replacement and I learned a lot about it myself through him... Amazing what we humans are capable of doing....

    Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Wow Anne what a super colourful desk I like all that I see there , I am so glad that you get relief from pain whilst crafting its great therapy.
    I do hope this new wonder drug does what it says Anne Keeping my fingers crossed for you,Take Care Hugs Elaine

  23. Beautiful completed projects on your desk! Love the box! Sorry about your RA. I hope the new drug works for you. Take care. ~ Sandy #118

  24. Gorgeous crafting on your desk and amazing you manage it so well with all your health probs. As I was reading I was thinking, oooch, ouch, arrrgh for you as I understand from friends how painful it all can be. Hope you get some relief and find a path of treatment which helps.
    Pop in next week to see what we are up to in Cardarian's Happy Place...
    Love joZarty x

  25. Wow! so many wonderful creations, I would like to do a couple of perpertual calendars as gifts but have yet to find a style I like, yours is lovely! is it an old one that you've altered or a blank you have bought recently? Love the box with the drawer in too! in fact I love everything on your desk, you've certainly been busy! and those summer distress inks look great. Sorry to hear your struggles with RA, it must be difficult for you, I hope they find the right drug for you very soon. I'm glad to hear crafting helps distract you from the pain. x April #102

  26. Just realised I'm not a follower! I thought I was!!! I am now anyway :o) x

  27. I love the colours you've used on that little box with the drawer in - that's soooooo clever!! And the ATCs are fab as well, really gorgeous!
    Here's hoping that the new course will help sort out your health issues. Sending positive vibes and big hugs,
    LLJ #3 xx

  28. Anne, your desk is delightful, I want to be at your desk!!! Sorry to hear of your sufferings but glad to hear crafting lifts your spirits and helps you forget the pains. Thanks for stopping by BJ#4

  29. Happy woyww Anne, Love what you have been working on, the gift box looks fab and the colours are awesome.
    So sorry to hear about the Ra, I hope they find somethin to help soon.

  30. ...Me again Anne...thank you so much for your visit, yes it was me...yaaaaaay!! I cannot believe it!, i've just emailed Mario...thanks, that has brought a smile to my face...have been at the hospital all evening with my Daughter, she is 30 weeks pregnant and the baby had not moved in 24hrs! after many hrs of monitoring they said all was ok but i'm mentally bushed, what with my Son a few days ago too I'm going grey rapidly!! so your comment was just the tonic I needed....Melxx :)

  31. Forgot to say that the postcards "fill" the album, they are mainly in sets. The original album had all but nearly fallen apart (although I have kept it). I got 6 postcards to a side of white 12x12 using photo corners and I did each page double-sided. There are 20 pages in all. I did scrapbook the first page (both sides). First with the only duplicate postcard, I added my grandmother's name and the dates of the collection 1904-1918 - gosh it was WWI. The backing page has the story as to how I came about the collection. The album was on my Dad's side, parents divorced, album lost for years, assumed stolen, father found album and gave it to me one day when I visited him (after he left his second wife) She'd never wanted me to have it, so let's say I was over the moon. The back of the album has a page of DH's childhood postcards and a page of DS's Christmas card designs made in school/scouts. BJ

  32. Beautiful pieces, Redanne--those colors are so appealing!

    Thank you for commenting on my daughter's pages last week, and Happy WOYWW to you!
    trisha too

  33. RA is such a rough disease. It's nice that you don't let it define you and still do things, and crafty things at that! I love all that great things you've done with the summer inks. I'm awaiting mine to arrive in the mail any day now! Thanks for the advice on what to do with my card. It needs work!

  34. Lovely work on your desk! Happy WOYWW.

    Interestingly enough I just got an email from my friend today telling me about a drug that she is using for her arthritis with great success. She also said there's a homeopathic remedy she heard works well too called arnica.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I would love to have responded directly but you are set up as a no-reply blogger. If you would like to change your status I have a post HERE on my old blog.

    Thanks for the kind words on my iPad art ♥

  35. I take my hat off to you Anne, I've always thought your work is beautiful but to know you produce it with artificial joints and working in pain is an inspiration in itself. And more lovely things on your desk today too. I'm a bit slow on the uptake for the seasonal DI's, I only have the winter set so far. Have a great week.

    Brenda 5

  36. Such lovely projects Anne, all of the beautiful. So sorry to read about your RA, hoping the new course of drugs helps and glad to hear crafting helps too...mention it all you like, hugs Carole Z X

  37. I love the perpetual calendar. I bought one years ago and have never gotten around to doing anything with it. Really hope the new medicine does it's thing. Crafting can do such wonderful things, can't it? :)

  38. Some beautiful projects on your desk. Lets hope your new medication works & help you . happy crafting Jill #73

  39. Beautiful beautiful projects Anne, I'm beginning to think I need those new inks but it's justthe blue that puts me off - how different can it be from the others? Sorry to learn about the RA - my nan had RA, suddenly got it at 58 and at times was in a lot of pain for the rest of her life and I do feel for you but admire your positive attitude. Craft is a wonderful distraction though for all sorts of problems isn't it? Thanks for popping by to see me today, hugs, Cindy #14

  40. You have some lovely, yummy artwork on your desk today.
    I have OA am riddled with it and awaiting an op on my spine. I agree that crafting gets your mind involved and you forget about the pain. This wet weather does not help either.
    Happy WOYWW
    Carol x

  41. Everything showing today is smashing! Thanks so much for sharing. Health will improve! Keep the faith and great attitude. #118

  42. Hello Anne. Thank you for your messages (both). Don't be too impressed with being organised. It is a defense against buying duplicates (or even more) and that drives me nuts.
    You have some lovely things from other folk on the desk, as well as making lovely things. Sorry about the RA diagnosis. What a bugger! Good thing to keep the mind busy and the fingers nurtured especially when the jolly thing is active.
    Take care,
    Ros. #121

  43. My goodness Anne, i had no idea what you are going through. What a brave lady to put up with all that. I so hope the new meds work. As for your art, it's amazing. Still not put away the cards you sent me, I keep looking at them and admiring them especially the blue lady. Take care and happy woyww week.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  44. OMG! You are the real Wonder Woman, or is that The $60000000 woman!! Hope everything gets sorted outreally quicky and you can start showing us all your wonderful art! HaPpY WoYwW ((Lyn)) #32

  45. Hard to believe you live daily with so much paint yet do such beautiful creations! And do so many nice things for people ( like me! ), it's odd how it seems to be affecting just your right side? When will you have the surgery? Take care of yourself my friend! (((hugs))) waving hi from the hills of North Carolina #47 :)

  46. Hi Sweet Anne!
    Think you caught that same ATC bug that I did HA! I haven't made a "greeting card" in forever! Too much fun!
    Your desk looks wonderful this week soooo many inky and beautiful things to look (drool) over!!
    So sorry about your diagnosis! At least you know what the problem is now. In a way it is good to have answers and a plan. Now you can hopefully get some relief from the pain. Much going on in the world of RA medicine and research keep hoping and wishing...
    In the meantime, be a good patient, follow orders and keep smiling. I know that is your nature anyway!
    We all have you in our thoughts! You're a jewel in the blogsphere to me!!!
    P.S. I don't sit at my desk, I stand. It is about hip high. I gave up using a stool a long time ago because I was constantly up and down getting things from drawers and shelves. ;)

  47. lovely projects on your desk and wonderful ATCs from blog friends! i love the 3d tag! i'm sorry to hear about your health concerns. i hope they invent something soon that will help with your condition. i'm glad you have been able to stay joyful and busy! happy WOYWW!
    thanks for sharing!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  48. Looks like you’ve had a very busy week Anne and worked on some beautiful projects. Those New Distress Inks are gorgeous, aren’t they. I’ve just taken delivery of the next limited edition set which has Mowed Lawn, Salty Ocean and Picked Raspberry in and they are all yummy too.

    I hope the new tablets do the trick and help to ease your pain. I have hip problems and I know just how you must be feeling.

    Thanks for stopping by this week.

    Happy Crafting!
    # 143

  49. Hope you get some relief from your pain soon. What a lot of lovely projects - I especially like the gift box - such a lovely colour.

  50. Goodness Anne, you have been busy creating some absolutely gorgeous things this week. I love the box with the drawers, that flower is stunning on the top. Your calender looks great too. I've been thinking about making these as xmas pressies this year.
    The new DI's are scrummy aren't they. I think I need the summer ones now!!
    I'm so sorry to hear about your RA. I know exactly what you are suffering. I look after my Mum who has it very severely and although I can't begin to know the pain it causes I do understand how disabling it is. Mum is waiting for a new knee but she has RA in one knee and Osteoarthritis in the other so they are reluctant to do much except control it with treatment.
    I hope your new treatment works and gives you some relief. The upside is there is always something new to try, well that's what we've discovered anyway!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #98

  51. Oh Anne, I am so sorry to hear about your RA. I've had a couple of knees replaced, but mine is only oesteo arthritis. Gosh you're in the wars lovely lady.There are so many new treatments these days. I sincerely hope your new treatments work for you.
    Did you see I lost my blog-pretty careless eh?!!!!A WOYWW'er told me to export the blog regularly.I will do.It felt horrible to lose the blog.
    Judy #82
    Judy #82

  52. Hi Anne,

    I'm late in getting around this week - but I'm doing it!! You have lots of nice pieces on your desk. Wasn't the swap so much fun!

    I kind of know what you are feeling with the RA. I had a total knee replacement two years ago and it's doing great, thank God. BUT, I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus a year and half ago. If you want to talk and support eachother my email is
    I know how hard it can be.

    Kay #34

  53. Hi there Ann...I hope crafting makes you feel better and forget your pain...your projects are all fab! those new Distress Inks are so fresh and crisp...very much like Dyan from Dylusions..
    oh yes and your teddy bear card is also so nice and it.

  54. Oh do hope you feel better. I have a SIL with it and she has had her toes straightedn, shoulder fused etc. I know she struggles daily but lives life to her fullest! You both are inspirations. Keep on craftin' girlie!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Sue K

  55. Lots of lovely things on your desk, love the colours.

  56. YOur desk is overloaded with wonderful craftiness all just devine eyecandy. Thank you for sharing especially that perpetual calendar, love that one. I do hope you perk up a bit nothing worse than pain and health issues that wont go away. My prayers are with you at this time.

    Cyber hugs

  57. Hi Anne I'm so sorry I'm 'late to the party' :)
    How kind you are to show my card and mention me. I'm so glad you like my card and if anyone is interested they can see my other 'baby step' attempts at paper craft, or what else I get up to, on my Flickr page here Any constructive criticism, advise or tips on my attempts are most welcome :)
    The other beauties on your desk give me so much inspiration, I particularly like the perpetual calendar.
    Sorry to hear about your RA - not a nice beastie at all, but advances in medicine are happening all the time and as you say crafting is a great distraction. Take care *hug*
    Mo x

  58. Hi Anne! I will definitely keep you in my prayers. My daughter has real severe RA and I have an autoimmune disease myself. I certainly do know what you mean about crafting being good therapy! I love to escape into my craft room!
    Big Warm Hugs, Sheryl

  59. Hi Anne, so sorry your having probs in a big way with you RA, I am at the start of the road with it all, eventhough I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago! There in no rush are they sometimes :( Love the box you have made, I love using distress inks too! And some very good ATC's to show off too! Have a good week & I will keep you in my thoughts!
    Bright Blessings!

  60. awww sorry to hear about the arthritis Anne....and so glad to hear that at least when you are crafting there is a bit of relief. You cards are lovely....
    It's surprising to hear about a wrist replacement.... wow....

    I have some areas that are getting painful and not working the baby finger on my left hand...but, my doctor (whose head must be in the sand or somewhere) ...insists I don't have arthritis even though the surgeon who took out my ganglion cluster a year ago or so now said I definitely have it in my left hand because he can see it on the x-ray...hnnn.... doctors.... some days.....

    big hugs,

  61. Sorry I missed this when you posted it, Anne - I'm so sorry to hear about your health problems, and I do hope the joint replacements will ease your pain somewhat. Art and craft is a great distraction, isn't it, to keep your mind occupied away from the pain.

    I love the stuff on your desk! Such gorgeous colours and designs.



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